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The billionaire's other half

Wings of freedom

After being framed by her own stepmother and sister. She got pregnant through a mysterious man.After four years she came back at California with her three treasures.Once again she crossed path with that stranger. "Sir our computer has been hacked." Robert panic What about IP address. He asked. ... more info

Story about: pregnancy, a girl and her nightmare, billionaire romance

Ongoing: 25 Oct 101 pages
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Rating: 141

#76 in Romance
#53 in Billionaires


Her Hometown Prince

Kay Barton

Sometimes all you need is a push. She needed to know what made him tick. What made him leave home for four years and come back distant and cold? Becca couldn't leave it alone after meeting New York's dubbed prince. The new CEO of the multibillion-dollar company is about to learn to let go of his ta... more info

Story about: billionaire romance, betrayal heartbreak, billionaire love story

Ongoing: 28 Oct 57 pages
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Rating: 15

#122 in Romance
#80 in Billionaires
#6 in Contemporary fiction
#5 in ChickLit


Until Eternity


Meera Thakur, the daughter of a well-known business tycoon. Even though belonging to an emblem rich family she is the perfect example of simple living and high thinking. Meera's life takes a U-turn when she meets the rich, charming but adamant Kabir Sharma. Fate keeps bringing them together, first ... more info

Story about: pregnancy and billionaire, billionaire romance, billionaire romance heartbreak

Ongoing: 27 Oct 137 pages
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Rating: 8

#206 in Romance
#121 in Billionaires
#45 in Contemporary Romance


Marlborough Mail


A billionaire from the UK goes to Augusta in the USA to set up the new branch of his firm. He thought this project would be as easy as others but he was wrong. His father forces him to hire a girl. He thought that this girl was an opportunist because she was hired in an organization by recommendat... more info

Story about: billionaire romance, romance, chicklit

Ongoing: 26 Oct 10 pages
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Rating: 1

#566 in Romance
#285 in Billionaires
#120 in Contemporary Romance


Away from Reality


Jammy was abducted during her South Korean tour. She tried to live and survive together with her found friend and unexpected wealth. She helped people to live a peaceful life keeping her low profile for she despise fame. Jace is a secret multibillionare who came back from abroad and decided to live ... more info

Story about: billionare, billionaire love, billionaire romance

Ongoing: 26 Oct 50 pages
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Rating: 6

#767 in Romance


The Inferiors' Breakdown


"Can I ask why?" tears escaped as he tries to control the feelings his been feeling in this scene he can't imagine that he will be in that situation. Anger. Resentment. Were running in his blood as soon as he knew why he did it. ____________________________________________________________________... more info

Story about: billionare, billionaire romance, drugs

Ongoing: 29 Sep 15 pages
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Rating: 5

#1420 in Romance
#767 in Billionaires

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