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Her Tempting Self

Alen Spot

Mehek Ashraf Malik, a lovely girl with a mesmerising charm and sapphire eyes that allure anyone. A being so kind and innocent to be a human. She was born to be despised by her father, and all ​she ever wanted in her life was... her father's love. Her life changes unpredictably when she ge... more info

Story about: billionaire romance, possesive love

Ongoing: 25 Jun 170 pages
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Rating: 111

#72 in Romance
#23 in Contemporary Romance


Married By Mistake


Ariana Anderson who finally escapes from the clutches of her abusive father and starts her life afresh embarks on a new journey away from her abusive father who finds a job at Xavier's company as his personal assistant ... more info

Story about: disappearance, contract marriage, billionaire romance

Complete 163 pages
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Rating: 185

#192 in Romance
#48 in Contemporary Romance
#103 in Billionaires

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Stay with me


When Donato found that little girl in the airport seats, while traveling to Milan, he stayed in Paris when he realized that no one claimed the girl... ... more info

Story about: pregnancy, billionaire romance, mafiaboss

Complete 244 pages
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Rating: 162

#324 in Romance
#82 in Contemporary Romance
#170 in Billionaires

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Fake Wife Book 3

Shilpa Nelson

With Kimberley's return, while Sean and Myra's relationship is still recovering from a setback, many unsettled resentments from the past will surface. Kimberley claims to be innocent throughout and resolves to win Sean's trust back. Is she really innocent and was framed? If so, why and by who? How w... more info

Story about: revenge, billionaire romance, regret and forgiveness

Complete 161 pages
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Rating: 173

#935 in Romance
#136 in Romantic suspense

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