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You are my Sin | t.k


"His eyes hold a devilish glint even though he is an angel. Or should I say, the Prince of Heaven." 'He' isn't a spoiled brat who gets everything he asks for. He is a rebel. He defies them because he doesn't like living his life according to some rules or stereotypes. He creates his own rules an... more info

Story about: lgbt love, angels and demons, bts seventeen blackpink

Ongoing: 26 Dec 27 pages
238 13 2

Rating: 2

#186 in Mystery
#2213 in Romance


Someone For Me || t.k


When you meet your soulmate, his/her name initials get imprint on your wrist for forever, your eyes turn purple making it easier to search for your soulmate. Your feel your stomach fluttering with butterflies, your heart beating for your special one. But, one thing to keep in mind. You will meet you... more info

Story about: lgbt love, mafia love, bts seventeen blackpink

Ongoing: 31 Dec 36 pages
1009 77 6

Rating: 8

#415 in Fantasy
#198 in Romantic fantasy
#1939 in Romance
#96 in LGBT

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