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Booknet Stories: christmaslove. Best in genre

Stories: christmaslove. Best in genre

4 books
Book cover "Our White December"
Zane Curry had a Golden Retriever dog that died from cancer. He moved to an apartment to forget, but in the December Christmas season came when he moved, he didn’t expect to see the White Siberian Husky from the house next door looking out the window and looking at him. And there he met Sara La...
15 pp.
Book cover "I Hate Christmas"
When love knocks on your door, you welcome it like Christmas. When the storm of love hits you, you get ready like the snow on Christmas. When it’s darkness spread around, you lighten up like baubles on the Christmas tree. This is what Cheryl used to think before she lost everything on the day of ...
1 745
25 pp.
Book cover "Under The Mistletoe"
Christmas was around the corner but it was just another meaningless festive for Nicole while for Dev it was a special week to live for. Can Dev be that spiritual light to Nicole's darkness and spark hope in her dull life in this merry week of Christmas?...
1 053
25 pp.
Book cover "Christmas Teddy"
When Casey was ten-years-old, she went with her family to a ski lodge for Christmas vacation. Left on her own as usual, she took it upon herself to learn to ski on the bunny slope with her trustee teddy bear, Takumi, tucked into her jacket. After a great tumble, a boy, Grayson, helps her to her feet...
16 pp.
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