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Arx's Re:life Side Chapter: Trolling Arx


This is just a side short chapter about Arx's senior who will be visiting him after a while. Do note that this is non-canon to the main story and involves Arx's marriage with both Belfast and Warspite. Enjoy~... more info

Story about: shipgirl, comedy

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Chrome 2968

Ryo Francis

Get ready for a wild ride in this crazy action-packed adventure with a team led by a kick@ss girl from the future, an idealistic teenage boy, and a debonair billionaire scientist as they battle evil forces on land, water, and in space to save Earth.... more info

Story about: comedy, time travel, superheroes

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Everyday life is difficult for a normal person, it's even more a disabled one. María José is a young Venezuelan woman whose dream has always been to travel the world and learn about new cultures. However, being born with neurological issues left her with several side effects, which made it imposs... more info

Story about: music, comedy, unconventional romance

Ongoing: 30 Aug 125 pages
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Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)


You've heard of vigilantes saving New York, or a hero coming to save the world...but what about the small towns? At least a county?? Despite what you might think, country neighborhoods have problems too..... ---- The little small town of Copperville is shocked at a sudden appearance of a guy in ... more info

Story about: comedy, small town, superhero

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