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Jilecia Poyser

A story in which a young 26-year-old entrepreneur adopts a 16-year-old girl. Emani will struggle to learn how to care for Katrina but together that are an unstopable team. ... more info

Story about: comingofage, comedy, selfgrowth

Ongoing: 27 Nov 14 pages
145 11 0

Rating: 2

#272 in Young adult
#130 in Contemporary fiction
#44 in Urban life


To every person who thinks their life isn’t worth writing

Sofi Nik

The story is about me and how in an attempt to brighten up my life I almost missed the simplicity of it... more info

Story about: comingofage, adlulting, selfreflection

Ongoing: 29 Nov 2 pages
55 9 1

Rating: 1

#83 in Others
#19 in Non-fiction
#160 in Young adult
#83 in School

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