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Booknet Stories: courage. Best in genre

Stories: courage. Best in genre

3 books
Book cover "Choices Of The Heart"
‎ ‎Leah and Emily are sisters from London's high society who have been sent to an expensive boarding school. Their parents have been spared the daily obligations of their upbringing but they could not imagine that these girls escaped and began to live a very different life from the one they knew...
Story about: courage, doubts, frienship
1 036
120 pp.
Book cover ""I am Still, I am not Afraid""
God sends people to be angels in the world. They are pure, happy, innocent and beautiful, in body heart and soul. This book will help you see angels or goodness in everything, in people, in times or events. There are no coincidences but purpose and destiny....
3 026
10 pp.
Book cover "Duchess of the Dunes"
Two lives. Two identities. One secret. One destiny. Near the Egyptian Western Desert called the Great Sand Sea, a story of love had begun. There lived a woman whose life was put in danger when she married a young Nobleman, and was forced to live under a new name and identity. Meanwhile, a foster...
Story about: love, royal fantasy, courage
3 982
18 pp.
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