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The One I Cannot Have

Ciara Kirk

Siya, an independent woman suddenly meets her high school crush after 9 years while solving his wife’s case who claimed to be a victim of domestic violence. But siya came to know it was her high school crush Abhimanyu who is the real victim and she couldn't resist and promises him to help him get ... more info

Story about: crime, one sided love

Ongoing: 26 Sep 55 pages
1207 143

Rating: 17

#272 in Romance
#42 in Romantic suspense




The meaning of her name is innocent just like her. But her innocence is trapped behind a window. For freedom she has to pay a price but what will be the price? And what if the price is too much for her pay. Will she be able to pay the price then? And what will happen if the price take her away every... more info

Story about: crime, abuse, child abuse

Complete 7 pages
422 17

Rating: 9

#111 in Thrillers & Suspense
#22 in Crime fiction
#43 in Short stories


The Mafia Business

Thëê Qúéën

"Am afraid if you find out about me you'll never love me again... It's best you stay away from me Aimee..." Aimee Garcia is the daughter of a mafia business leader who fell in love with her personal trainer. Looks like both of them have a dark past that they try to hide. But from the look, Tyler is ... more info

Story about: crime, heartbreak

Complete 171 pages
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Rating: 31

#757 in Thrillers & Suspense
#188 in Crime fiction




Miria is a Malaysian high school girl living a normal life until a new transfer student revealed to her things she never knew they existed in her little innocent world... more info

Story about: crime, mystery guy

Ongoing: 23 Aug 19 pages
256 10

Rating: 2

#268 in Thrillers & Suspense
#93 in Suspense
#301 in Mystery