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You and Me

Melissa N

"Tell me the truth!" "I can't! You'll hate me." "I am this close to hating you for not telling me anything!" May Dawson was a high school graduate who just moved into the small town Mazadora. A man by the name of Eros, appeared at her door one night, beaten up. She took care of him even as the... more info

Story about: dragon in love with human, dragon fantasy romance

Complete 117 pages
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Rating: 20

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My Bride from Another World


He is bound to get her... She is bound to run away from him... April 20XX, in the desert region; Catina a sweet young woman with a sharp mouth. Comes across a rare, yet beautiful necklace adoring and pondering about it with her secret first love or crush for years she would love to spend her li... more info

Story about: love and fantasy, dragon fantasy romance, clueless

Ongoing: 13 Apr 2 pages
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Rating: 1

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