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Fantastopia: The New Life (part 1)


Have you ever wondered where Fantasy came from? Where the ideas of Fantasy stories developed from and all the creatures that we believed to be fake? Well, you've come to the right place. My name is Jesse Thomas, now I was just a regular college student who's life suddenly changed when I got transpor... more info

Story about: fantasy, comedy, elves

Complete 436 pages
23817 246 28

Rating: 9

#32 in Fantasy
#8 in Others
#6 in Humor


Midnight Flames

Joscelyn R. Green

Dark elves, murders, secrets and lies. A mystery of sudden deaths and a destiny rejected. Shafira has been cast under the shadow of a goddess, a shadow that haunts her every moment. Her soul may just be on the line as her destiny crosses paths with the most dangerous assassin in all of Eludevia. Act... more info

Story about: adventure, magic, elves

Ongoing: 26 Aug 118 pages
953 135 8

Rating: 20

#34 in Fantasy
#7 in Dark fantasy
#1 in Epic fantasy


Fantastopia: A Crazy World (part 2)


So, you made it to the second book huh? And you're still interested in reading more about me and my new life? Well, alright then! So as you probably know, I'm still getting the hang of this double life, but at least I don't have to worry about college anymore. However, that doesn't mean I won't be f... more info

Story about: adventure, elves, romance and comedy

Ongoing: 30 Jul 239 pages
5120 101 9

Rating: 3

#482 in Fantasy
#297 in Others
#83 in Humor

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