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The Dragonskin Chronicles Book 1

Tony Spencer

Lord Korwyn had banished himself from his own lands, ashamed to be the only survivor of his father’s Militia following the tragic Battle of Hawkshart Plain and the terrible attack of the Black Dragon, Korwyn had tracked down the dragon, killed him in his lair and now wore the tanned dragon skin as... more info

Story about: elves, elven romance, dwarves

Complete 42 pages
87 15

Rating: 2

#419 in Fantasy
#188 in Romantic fantasy
#33 in Action fantasy


Return to Jorgaldur Volume Ii: the druid archer


When she dies of a serious illness, she still remembers her friends from a MMORPG that she had played years ago, and an NPC that has remained in her heart ever since. But when she opens his eyes again, she finds himself in the lonely square that had been the beginning of that game. Has she returned ... more info

Story about: love, elves, fairies

Ongoing: 04 Jul 265 pages
2473 36

Rating: 5

#28 in Science fiction
#3 in LitRPG
#544 in Fantasy
#27 in Epic fantasy

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