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Joanita Theron

Raven has only known pain, abuse and hate for most of her life…and when she is unexpectedly released from her daily torment by the Queen of a tribe of Wolfwalkers, everything changes. Will Raven be able to accept the truth about who she is and will she be able to finally live life like she was me... more info

Story about: werewolves, romance heartbreak hate love, fantasy paranormal romance

Ongoing: 16 Jun 12 pages
60 5

Rating: 0

#170 in Fantasy
#86 in Romantic fantasy
#61 in Mystery
#25 in Supernaturals


Zonax Oracle: Faith or Fate


In Zonax, the ruler wanted to get a hold of pure virgin souls that only humans have, but they became rare and hard to find. He sent out Limdi Panah who came from a family famously known for being the Family of One. What she didn't understand is why did they have this curse? She accepted the ques... more info

Story about: demonworld, fantasy paranormal romance, demon and human love

Complete 157 pages
376 14

Rating: 6

#405 in Fantasy
#189 in Romantic fantasy
#1688 in Romance
#153 in Paranormal Romance

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