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My High School Romance

Chibi Cazielle

While being interviewed about her latest book “My High School Love Affair”, Rebecca Javier – a well-known writer – mistakenly admitted that her story mostly came from her old diary. As their topic went deeper, she started recollecting her teenage life while pursuing Ibarra Constantine who wa... more info

Story about: first love, writer, young romance

Ongoing: 17 May 79 pages
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Rating: 32

#132 in Romance
#6 in New Adult & College
#9 in Young adult
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How to Tame the Beast


All his life, Zion Alastair Della Valle, only wanted three things: A peaceful life that he wants to live to the fullest with his true love, a life where his family would let him be to do things his way, and his grandfather not messing with his life. But he knew those three things were not easy to ha... more info

Story about: first love, arranged marriage, getting his heart

Complete 263 pages
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Rating: 388

#224 in Romance
#124 in Billionaires


The Ghost - Ghost #1

Mia Black

What do you do when the school's biggest player asks you to be his fake girlfriend? What do you do when you start having feelings for him? Lia is basically invisible at school, but that's exactly what she wants. That way, no one can find out about her secret - being a famous underground fighter,... more info

Story about: first love, bad boy, younglove

Complete 338 pages
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Rating: 273

#350 in Romance
#90 in Contemporary Romance
#23 in Young adult
#7 in School


The Knight And His Precious

Shrishtee Suman

5 Ace Series [ Third Book - Vol.1] ****** In the story of "Third Ace", the third book of my novel series, "5 Ace", I present in front of you all a tale of a Knight and his Precious. ****** He knew she was special, the moment he laid his eyes on her. Her baby-blue eyes had him captivated ... more info

Story about: first love, humor romance and comedy, childhood love

Complete 164 pages
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Rating: 234

#29 in Young adult
#435 in Romance

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Play a love game with me

Julia Romush

How many girls did I have? To be honest, I've already lost count. Blondes. Brunettes. Red. They all mixed and became similar to each other. And when I was sure that I had tried everything in this life, she appeared ... An innocent girl with deer eyes. So sweet that once I tasted it, I could not refu... more info

Story about: students, first love, complex relationships

Complete 151 pages
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Rating: 43

#851 in Romance
#409 in Billionaires


Wild Shades of You


A POETRY COLLECTION about having a natural affinity for unpredictable hues of erratic love. For the one whose heart is heavy with a plethora of sorrowful tones, may this book fill your soul with musical shades of hope, peace, and love. And for the one who celebrates life today, may you remember ... more info

Story about: first love, heartbreak, poetry

Complete 15 pages
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Rating: 9

#1316 in Romance
#99 in Young adult


Brianna's Journey To Love

Suzzane Belle

When my friend dared me to kiss a guy in front of his two-timing date. I gathered all my courage and walked towards the man, I leaned on him, pulled his nape, and kissed him. At first it was awkward but when he delved his tongue to mine and I followed his rhythm, I owned the pleasurable moment of ki... more info

Story about: first love, marriage drama, runaway wife

Complete 91 pages
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Rating: 54

#1130 in Romance
#254 in Contemporary Romance


Stay with Me


I met him in College and we became best friends. I don't know when I fell for him but once I did, I knew there was no one else for me but does he love me? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This short story is one of my earlier works and I am sharing it here to ... more info

Story about: college romance, first love, friendstolovers

Complete 7 pages
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Rating: 7

#343 in Short stories
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Chavon Kilian

Jia and her friends' all-girl trip isn't going as expected when the girls bring along their boyfriends. Luckily for Jia, their friend Ryan is there to keep her company. The last thing Jia had expected was to fall for him in just 48 hours—but after discovering that he's already into someone called ... more info

Story about: first love, holiday, soulmates

Complete 17 pages
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Rating: 13

#261 in Short stories
#554 in Young adult


The Amateur Love Part 1: Emerging Of Love


THE AMATEUR LOVE PART – I : EMERGING OF LOVE : The start of a new experience for a young boy. A feeling which changes everyone’s life. The feeling of love which makes you behave way older than you are. That’s all I’ve got in my story. Vishal a little boy who fells in love with her best f... more info

Story about: romantic suspense, first love, younglove

Complete 32 pages
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Rating: 28

#7906 in Romance
#582 in Contemporary fiction

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The Wrong Brother

Angela Lynn Carver

Millie Brown is a high school senior who had many suitors in her school, yet, she never went out on a date with anyone in the hopes of winning one boy's heart. Her best friend's older brother, Zack Myers. There was only one problem, Zack only sees her as a little sister! She almost started to gi... more info

Story about: love is selfless giving and reveiving, first love, teenfiction

Complete 101 pages
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Rating: 77

#6783 in Romance
#1078 in Contemporary Romance
#404 in Contemporary fiction
#164 in ChickLit


Going Home

Anna Lane

Four years after leaving her hometown behind, she returns for her father's wedding, only to run into a ghost of her past. Twenty-one-year-old Katherine 'Kat' Brooks rushes off shortly in a state of panic, resulting in getting stuck with nothing but a ripped car, an old crush, and the cryptic se... more info

Story about: first love, roadtrip, first love drama friendship

Complete 92 pages
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Rating: 23

#2773 in Romance
#233 in New Adult & College
#524 in Contemporary Romance

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