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Behind The Bars of Your Heart

Marilyn Lucero

I stepped out of the prison doors towards the road of freedom. I should be happy because I had been here for five wretched years. All the pieces of evidence that my fiancee's lover set up to drive me out of her life pointed to me as the murderer. Little did I know that behind those bars inside th... more info

Story about: heartbreak, freedom, love and betrayal

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Rating: 57

#27 in Short stories
#1186 in Romance
#272 in Contemporary Romance



Shyy J Farnsworth

Karina is a young girl now trapped in a mental institute due to her mother turning her in for killing her boyfriend. Now with the voice in her head she's trying to find a way to gain back her freedom. Only problem is she's going to need help, the question is can she accomplish this without killing t... more info

Story about: love, trust, freedom

Complete 7 pages
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Rating: 5

#644 in Thrillers & Suspense
#240 in Suspense
#5984 in Romance
#546 in New Adult & College

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