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Stories: frienship. Best in genre


Dr. Beast and his Inamorata


#1 in Doctor Series On her first day in a hospital as a postgraduate of General Surgery, Ishika Mishra was surprised to learn the truth that the man with whom she had a disrespectful encounter in front of her dad's factory to be her senior Surgeon, Dr. Ishaan Sharma. Who is one big apathetic creatu... more info

Story about: frienship, romance action humour, medical romance

Complete 445 pages
74812 932

Rating: 205

#613 in Romance
#94 in Romantic suspense
#8 in Others
#6 in Humor


To The Beautiful Heart


Life is not all about beauty and yet life is beautiful. I might not be the most beautiful, I might not be loved by many but I have what makes me different. It's called a golden heart. It is a beautiful heart. My Name is Alicia Kings. I grew up in Detroit. I spent all my 17 years there only to find ... more info

Story about: frienship, reunion, hate to love

Complete 321 pages
11488 179

Rating: 19

#990 in Romance
#243 in Contemporary Romance


With Love, xxxx - 2

Varshitha Kancharla

Will she... Know him? Meet him? See him? Above all, Love him? ***** Join in the story of a girl holding pen and a man holding gun. Sequel of With Love,xxxx. ... more info

Story about: frienship, mafia, mafia and action

Complete 175 pages
17336 450

Rating: 140

#5349 in Romance
#616 in Thrillers & Suspense
#142 in Crime fiction


Letters from bruises 7


More letters from bruises herslf to you and her penpals. Come and enjoy the ride with me that is life. And even down memory lane. Letters the shade light on my life and on My mentality. You will get to know me more this way. Filled with humour and wisdom! ... more info

Story about: ptsd and stress, frienship, penpaling

Complete 17 pages
558 6

Rating: 0

#258 in Contemporary fiction
#104 in ChickLit
#405 in Others
#125 in Humor


Choices Of The Heart

Ivette Crespo

‎ ‎Leah and Emily are sisters from London's high society who have been sent to an expensive boarding school. Their parents have been spared the daily obligations of their upbringing but they could not imagine that these girls escaped and began to live a very different life from the one they knew... more info

Story about: courage, doubts, frienship

Complete 120 pages
755 36

Rating: 5

#174 in Young adult
#2049 in Romance
#81 in Inspiration romance


Love In The Spider Web


This story is about love. There are eight characters, how they meet and end up with each other is itself a question mark. To know it more, do read my book. ~With love Sachtz... more info

Story about: frienship, finding true love

Ongoing: 09 Nov 0 pages
27 4

Rating: 0

#1666 in Romance
#69 in Inspiration romance
#128 in New Adult & College

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