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Dance seducer

Маїра Цибуліна

Kolia considered Olia to be the pampered daughter of a millionaire, who was used to everything that loving dad served her on a tray. This sweet doll spent all days in beauty salons, boutiques and restaurants. And in the evenings she pampered herself with male striptease and lovegames with random han... more info

Story about: romance, love story, from hate to love

Ongoing: 06 Mar 147 pages
4175 184 14

Rating: 23

#309 in Romance
#9 in Inspiration romance


My Women's Day Present

Sandra Bouchard

Women’s Day, to put it mildly, was a bad day. Long story short, I fell off the balcony straight into the arms of a madman. Then he suddenly decided, “The one who caught prey will take it”. Believe that? This asshole followed me around all the time, acting as we were a married couple. Argh! I ... more info

Story about: humor, from hate to love, domineering hero

Complete 55 pages
7798 297 13

Rating: 34

#994 in Romance
#195 in Contemporary Romance
#490 in Billionaires


A Deal with the Dark Fae

Valerie Harmon

A feisty heroine with a secret. Two brothers, the exact opposite of each other, neither up to any good. Once her secret is revealed, there is no going back. You can’t say “no” to the Dark Ones, for they are fickle, and you risk paying too high of a price for your refusal. They can’t be outs... more info

Story about: love triangle, from hate to love, shy girl bad boys

Ongoing: 03 Feb 9 pages
499 109 12

Rating: 8

#1521 in Romance
#605 in Billionaires
#245 in Contemporary Romance

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