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Booknet Stories: hatetolove. Best in genre

Stories: hatetolove. Best in genre

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Book cover "His Mate "
"You are a long way from home, little wolf." "Stay back, I am not afraid of you." "Oh but you should be wolf, I can be your worst nightmare." He took a step closer and it hit him; her blood. Aliyah has passed through three mating seasons but she was still left without a mate. Being the only child o...
Story about: hatetolove, vampires, werewolves
31 007
In progress: 31 Mar
143 pp.
Book cover "Innocent Heart"
He said smiling "You stop worrying about your sister and worry about yourself. You have said that today is my marriage but I have made a slight change in it." "What change" she asked. She was not getting good vibes from him. "It is true that today I am getting married but not with Mahi but with yo...
147 190
In progress: 21 Mar
655 pp.
Book cover "Dream Life"
“Leonardo Marcello” Italian Mafia is famous for its cruel nature. If he wants something then no one can stop him. He became more aggressive after the betrayal of his first love. He promised himself that he never fall for anyone. He hates women species. He lost his mother because of falling for t...
56 392
229 pp.
Book cover "Our Crazy Chemistry"
Cadi hated Xenon to the core. She hated him for stealing her first kiss. She hated him for being an asshole playboy. She hated that they always see each other because he was the son of her father's best friend. When Xenon found out that she likes his teammate Harry, Xenon made a bet with her. If...
1 584
In progress: 22 Mar
70 pp.
Book cover "Breaking the rules"
Zack, a 6'3" tall 19-year-old from a wealthy family who has been away from home since last year, meets Scarlet, a 5'8" tall 19-year-old on a quest to expand her empire. He has a personal goal. Both have similar levels of aspiration, fervor, and strength. Zack is harsh, and Scarlet is renowned for be...
In progress: 01 Apr
17 pp.
Book cover "The Enemy's Daughter"
A political treaty forces Princess Priyadarshini to marry Prince Harshavardhan, her father's sworn enemy. Once in Jaigarh, she faces danger from palace intrigues and unknown forces, till she is abducted. Can she trust her husband, the Prince, to save her, when he had not wanted the enemy's daughter ...
Story about: abduction, royal, hatetolove
21 038
138 pp.
Book cover "His Blind Beauty"
In an instant she was slammed onto the locker and he held her shoulders tightly. She whimpered in pain. "Open your eyes" He spoke sternly. She knew to better not deny him so she opened her eyes slowly though even after opening her eyes she was met with darkness. "Please let me go"she begged he...
120 367
113 pp.
Book cover "The Son Of The Coach."
Sebastian is just another face in the crowd. His mom's the coach but Sebastian's idea of partying is studying till he drops. Trying to live up to his father's expectations and his mother's ignorance. After ending up in a party one night Sebastian finds himself thrown into the world of the devastatin...
4 177
102 pp.
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