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Booknet Stories: hatred. Best in genre

Stories: hatred. Best in genre

3 books
Book cover "Vow to Hate you"
“Are you sure about this, Kabir?” Ayaan asked. “Yes.” “Dad won’t be happy if he gets a hint of what you are doing,” he said again. “He won’t be happy with me anyway,” Kabir said, taking a long drag aof his cigarette before crushing it under his shoes. His emerald orbs bu...
1 081
294 028
156 pp.
Book cover "The Girl Next Door"
Teren went on a vacation to remote city. But running away from work, he bumped into love. He loves the lady but she's far from reach. She's actually a neighbor next door but leaving far from his heart. Like she never cares, she's always turning him down, directly or indirectly. Taria ran away fro...
Story about: love, pride, hatred
5 344
13 pp.
Book cover "Mendacious (short Story)"
"You lied to me about everything, about yourself, about her!! Why should I believe you now?" "Because I wasn't the one lying" I smiled & left him with thousands of questions running through his mind. ------------------ Three best friends & roommates. One guy & two girls, both in love with t...
Story about: love, teenromance, hatred
4 743
48 pp.
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