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A Life Or The Death Of Her

Honey Lee Willmanson

"Don't touch me. WHAT'S THIS? WHERE AM I?.. AND WHAT ARE YOU?!" she shrieked. " Calm down princess. I mean no harm. i did not wanted to do this but you leave me no choice" He grabbed her wrists and pinned her down. She was cursed. He was her curse. He can be her death or a life for her... ~~ No pla... more info

Story about: vampire, historical romance, demon

Ongoing: 20 Feb 48 pages
383 32 6

Rating: 4

#484 in Romance
#10 in Historical Romance
#21 in Mystery
#6 in Supernaturals


Ancient love

Nisha R

life always has something to give . Asmaira , Samira and Ishika are sisters their parents were killed by the neighbouring kingdom when they were young since then their grandmother are taking care of them and the kingdom and as remained peace ever since . Amaan , Siddharth and Ishaan are brothers the... more info

Story about: horror, historical romance, kings and queens

Ongoing: 25 Feb 14 pages
160 11 1

Rating: 5

#169 in Fantasy
#90 in Romantic fantasy
#880 in Romance
#17 in Historical Romance

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