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Mr. Jerk and Miss. Cookie

Aura Saifi

We were about to leave when two boys rushed into the dance hall. "We're very sorry for being late but something urgent came up Miss." We turned around to see them and oh my god!!!!!!! Hamid and Junaid !!!! They were Hamid and Junaid two people whom I was hoping not to meet ever. Miss Ahana said," I... more info

Story about: romantic mystery, romance drama, humour and drama

Ongoing: 26 Jun 10 pages
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Rating: 9

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Letter from a crystal hunter |3


Letters to my Pen Pal's it will be funny hilarious and sometimes poignant if need be. Will be full of truck full of wisdom and funny he's as well as humour and moral lessons. Enjoy these letters that I wrote to my Pen Pal's and hopefully you'll get an insight into my mentality through a girl name Li... more info

Story about: ptsd, penpaling, humour and drama

Complete 19 pages
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