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Marry - Go Round

Briana Wenceslaus

Barbra Sullivan cannot accept that David Westfield is no longer in her life and that he is now married to Claire Obrien St. Johns. She gives the couple a horrible time by making deliberate attacks on different occasions, as an attempt to separate the married couple and to get what she claims is righ... more info

Story about: inspirational romance

Ongoing: 11 Sep 10 pages
153 14 3

Rating: 3

#1830 in Romance
#108 in Inspiration romance


Crippled At Heart !!


It is story of Aisha Fatim and her life. Few incidents in life happens in such a way that made her crippled not physically but at heart. Will Aisha be able to conquer her fears and will she give herself a chance? Join Aisha in her life struggles and see her overcome it....... more info

Story about: inspirational romance, brokenheart

Ongoing: 01 Sep 3 pages
77 17 0

Rating: 1

#1602 in Romance
#201 in Romantic suspense
#130 in Mystery
#47 in Romantic mystery

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