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Call you mine - A love story


What if 'Destined to yours' had a change like this? Hayden Taylor, a fourth year college student. She is kind, sweet and thoughtful but she bottles up her feelings and opinions just because she doesn't want to hurt others but due to the soft mind everyone kept disturbing her life until she found ... more info

Story about: love friendship and heartbreak, college life young adult romance, love romance

Complete 107 pages
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Rating: 34

#101 in Romance
#67 in Billionaires
#5 in New Adult & College


Master Demon, I Hate You

Moumita Dutta

After Sana's mother's death, she found herself walking in a rich kid's life when she moved into Hails mansion with Hails family including a handsome boy Eric. Sana had her own dream and she wanted to achieve it anyhow but Eric somehow wanted the opposite. Will Sana be successful to achieve her g... more info

Story about: heartbreak, love and hate, love romance

Ongoing: 06 May 66 pages
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Rating: 99

#142 in Romance
#11 in New Adult & College


Billionaire's Heart

Dark Romance

Here, take this and be ready for being my mistress he said with smirk . Is this going to end of our relationship? This is story of struggling orphan girl Amber Parker who fallen in love with his billionaire boss but tragedy happened in her life which made her his mistress for handle his torture ... more info

Story about: hate to love, hate love and misunderstandings, love romance

Ongoing: 02 May 18 pages
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Rating: 32

#207 in Romance
#28 in Romantic suspense
#29 in Fantasy
#12 in Romantic fantasy


In Love With The Bad Boy


I loved him for all the dangers he passed Aurora Martin, A charming sweet innocent girl with a beauty so bright it could blind one’s eyes, Taken away from prying dangerous eyes and never to be seen in the actual world! Aurora dreams of her Prince Charming in a white robe and white flying horse to... more info

Story about: love romance

Complete 110 pages
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Rating: 20

#397 in Romance
#9 in Inspiration romance


Fragile Bonds

SP Devil

UNREQUITED LOVE (noun) 1. being in love with someone who does not, and will never, love you back. *** I never asked for this life, it was my goddamn fate. I could never change it, even if I want to, so desperately. I was HIS for the rest of my life and I accepted that fact, graciously. But he ... more info

Story about: unrequitedlove, mafiaromance, love romance

Ongoing: 23 Apr 23 pages
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Rating: 8

#716 in Romance
#361 in Billionaires
#35 in Mystery
#22 in Romantic mystery


Then To Now


Helen Pearce, a teenager who is an introvert and doesn't like people much. Her life has been a disaster and she regrets taking bad decision in her life. Then she meets a guy who changes her life forever which turns out into a dilemma. ... more info

Story about: teenromance, love friendship and heartbreak, love romance

Ongoing: 06 May 28 pages
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Rating: 4

#1152 in Romance
#159 in Romantic suspense
#107 in New Adult & College

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