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The Billionaire's Song

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Amaya Walsh had it all. She was a self-made billionaire and one of the most powerful women. She could get any man that she wanted but she was single but not searching and it was a well known fact that she didn't do relationships..until that all changed when she met the most unlikely person in the... more info

Story about: music, celebrity, love romance

Ongoing: 12 Aug 313 pages
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Rating: 54

#135 in Romance
#70 in Billionaires
#6 in Contemporary fiction


Twist of Destiny

Twinkling stars

"I hate you-" "but I love you- It is said that love is beautiful but is it really.....? Join the journey of Mahi and Zain to know whether love can ever cure hatred-... more info

Story about: love romance, billionaire first love, hate to love forgiveness and family

Ongoing: 15 Aug 14 pages
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Rating: 8

#500 in Romance
#258 in Billionaires


Expected Love

Curious words

Richard and Giulia had always been together, right from their 5 years old selves met for the first time. They were stuck together through orphanage, school, and college. Through every hardship and through every celebration, being each other's support. Everyone expected them to in love, childhood ... more info

Story about: love, love and friendship, love romance

Ongoing: 07 Aug 58 pages
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Rating: 29

#529 in Romance
#129 in Contemporary Romance




Could love surpassed hate ? Would their fate allow them to be together again! Harry Aberra one of the most dangerous and cold-hearted man ever existed. There was an intoxication in his eyes, an addiction to get her ! Hope Lozano , a girl living in Newyork , she was simple ,and gentle . But ,dee... more info

Story about: love, promise, love romance

Complete 147 pages
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Rating: 90

#813 in Romance
#126 in Romantic suspense


When Mr.Arrogant Marries Ms.Stubborn


"Get the hell out of my room", he shouted as soon as I entered his room. Is he for real? How can he be this peaceful when I'm not able to sleep a wink last night after that kiss. I really want to smack him now. "Dude..who want to enter this stinking rotten room? I'm here to inform that your... more info

Story about: love romance, arranged marriage, lovehaterelationship

Complete 183 pages
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Rating: 275

#53 in Contemporary fiction
#28 in ChickLit
#802 in Romance
#201 in Contemporary Romance


Arranged Marriage

Author Anjali

"Do you believe in love after marriage?", Her friend asked to her newly married friend. On which she replied shyly, "Yes, I do and the reason behind this is only him and his love for me." This short tale would definitely made you fall in love after marriage. ... more info

Story about: arranged marrige, love romance, understanding

Complete 2 pages
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Rating: 5

#21 in Short stories
#830 in Romance


Heart's fire 3

Sonita Olise

After loosing her sister in the hands of Mr Ajay, Lisa must now found the next person who gunned for her life, someone close, someone she once called a dear friend!! can she be able to?. heart's fire (3)... more info

Story about: love and hate, love and sacrifice, love romance

Complete 54 pages
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Rating: 13

#889 in Romance
#424 in Billionaires


His Revenge......


"Darling, if you think I married you because I love you then you are such a fool . The reason I married you was because of my hate for you and your dad." Asher shouted.Riya could feel her heartbreak into multiple peices, it felt like the world she was standing on was breaking apart. She felt the tea... more info

Story about: pain, past life, love romance

Ongoing: 26 Jun 80 pages
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Rating: 91

#1096 in Romance
#508 in Billionaires


Call you mine - A love story


What if 'Destined to yours' had a change like this? Hayden Taylor, a fourth year college student. She is kind, sweet and thoughtful but she bottles up her feelings and opinions just because she doesn't want to hurt others but due to the soft mind everyone kept disturbing her life until she found ... more info

Story about: love friendship and heartbreak, college life young adult romance, love romance

Complete 107 pages
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Rating: 57

#1151 in Romance
#530 in Billionaires
#77 in New Adult & College


Imperfectly Perfect


According to her, life is all about attitude and enjoying. She's a rule breaker. According to him, life is all about serving people and achieving our passion and love. He's a rule maker. Guess what happens when a rule breaker is married to a rule maker? It's a complete mess. Isn't it? But, a bea... more info

Story about: police, love romance, arranged marrige

Ongoing: 30 Jul 74 pages
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Rating: 34

#1310 in Romance
#599 in Billionaires


You are my destiny


a story of destinated lovers . destiny brings two persons together . they love each other . they will fight for themselves .they shares their emotions. like trust destiny find for u someone who u will love the most... more info

Story about: destiny, soulmate, love romance

Ongoing: 01 Jul 11 pages
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Rating: 3

#2742 in Romance
#256 in Others
#90 in Humor


Love Story - A Short tale

Author Anjali

This is a short tale you will definitely enjoy where the parents were sharing their love story with their daughter. ... more info

Story about: love, love romance, friendship and love

Complete 2 pages
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Rating: 1

#54 in Short stories
#1403 in Romance



Zara Claflin

Sarah is an unwanted child but that's not the only reason her life is not valued, aside from having an abusive relationship with her mother who don't want to take the responsibility of taking care of her child and making her realize everyday that she isn't supposed to exist, Sarah miraculously reach... more info

Story about: gangsterlove, college girl, love romance

Complete 135 pages
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Rating: 21

#417 in Thrillers & Suspense
#3507 in Romance



Meesha Patricia

Roses have many representations. For Holly Cassia, it's one of pure dread. Dread knowing that the RoseBlood killer has murdered both parents in a dark, unusual way, and now they're after her, leaving only a twisted love note and blood-red rose to remind her that they're closer than she thinks... and... more info

Story about: murder mystery, love romance, rose

Ongoing: 28 Jul 103 pages
1159 50

Rating: 5

#311 in Thrillers & Suspense
#60 in Crime fiction
#2625 in Romance
#381 in Romantic suspense


Sad sad girl poetry

Elena Scully

Some more sad poems for your sad heart if you are going through a rough day or a bad day or a clinical depression the usual hopefully will help you know that there's someone else out there that is suffering just like you do enjoy the poems. If you find these to depression then don't read these poems... more info

Story about: ptsd, love, love romance

Complete 2 pages
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Rating: 2

#390 in Others
#89 in Poetry
#426 in Young adult
#27 in Dystopia

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