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Kissing The Wind


Being poor might be a sin in a society where poverty makes people do illegal things. Sydnee Lurica is one of those unfortunate ones after her father was accused of fraud and thrown into jail. She is in a constant longing to find her place in school but no one is willing to welcome her with open arms... more info

Story about: royalty, heiress, love and family

Complete 246 pages
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Rating: 16

#21 in Young adult
#5 in School


The Royal Wedding


"Momma, Taliyah just tore my wedding dress" I beamed. "Taliyah what have you done!!" "Mum she started it, she threw away my paintings" "Dad told you to stop drawing!" "Does that give you the right..." "You tore my wedding dress for crying out loud" "You tore..." "Just keep quie... more info

Story about: hate to love, love and family

Complete 238 pages
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Rating: 123

#3873 in Romance
#232 in Short stories


The Wrong Wish


"Your wish has been granted." A voice came and we saw it was from a well "You're a wishing well?" Both of us asked in shock to the well "Yes I am. Y'all will stay like this for a month as your wishes. No one will know about your real life even your parents." A voice from the well told "What if we... more info

Story about: love and family, wrong wish granted, life of normal person and rich person

Complete 56 pages
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Rating: 4

#291 in Young adult
#112 in School
#154 in Short stories


When the love falls (short story completed)

Farzana Tutul

'I want a divorce, Saana.' Sana's steps came to a halt. She couldn't take another step since she couldn't feel the ground beneath her feet. She froze in place. Hamza didn't stop talking.' I have fallen in love with someone else. And, I can never cheat on you. So, I have thought we should separate. I... more info

Story about: love and family, love and faith, divorce and finding love

Complete 25 pages
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Rating: 66

#2513 in Romance
#463 in Contemporary Romance

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