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Unspoken Attractions

Failia Baighaan

"Zain, I want to be with you, forever." "But, I don't." *** What she desired and what she gained were contrary to each other. Hoorain Ahmed, being the youngest and most loved child, was never known to have pain; people around her eradicated it before it could graze her delicate skin. When someone... more info

Story about: family drama, unrequitedlove, love and pain

Ongoing: 13 Aug 99 pages
5813 346

Rating: 66

#77 in Romance
#20 in Contemporary Romance


Blind Worshiper

Failia Baighaan

"Enslaving you is my darkest desire…" His lips latched to her neck, smirking darkly with hands gripping her waist, enunciating, "And nothing in this world could stop me from possessing you, Zari."  *** Two Years later, Zariah returns with a fiery fire of revenge burning in her chest. Fallen fro... more info

Story about: mafia, love and pain, secrets lies revenge

Ongoing: 13 Aug 73 pages
1608 92

Rating: 30

#215 in Romance
#31 in Romantic suspense
#54 in Contemporary Romance


Mafia's Vicious Wife

Payal Mandal

When she was about to lose the love of her life once again, she chose to consume the darkness entirely. And this time, the outcome wasn't going to get better. She became the very version of evil no one would ever want to confront. Once innocent now had no signs of innocence in her. All she knew was ... more info

Story about: revenge obsession, love and pain, mafia queen

Ongoing: 05 Aug 7 pages
150 39

Rating: 13

#30 in Contemporary fiction
#503 in Romance
#124 in Contemporary Romance


Because, It's You


When you grow up in a society where women are not valued or respected, you have to learn to make important decisions that will affected about your life forever. Oluwadarasimi is a young lady who just wanted to survive. Ever since she was born, her whole life has been shaped into the way the society ... more info

Story about: love and pain, trust and doubts, family consequences and forced love

Ongoing: 03 Aug 41 pages
592 65

Rating: 4

#93 in Thrillers & Suspense
#34 in Suspense
#1074 in Romance


Corona & His Wife

Author Vanshika

He had one cure to all his problem, his wife. And the world had one solution for its problem and that was the mercy from the great ruler, Corona. Join Corona and Coroe in their beautiful life! Just five chapters and beautiful love story... ♤Completed!... more info

Story about: love and pain, lost, dominant

Complete 16 pages
1373 90

Rating: 16

#4027 in Romance
#189 in Inspiration romance
#1209 in Fantasy
#53 in Urban fantasy

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