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His Little Wife


Unwanted wedding, that's how their love story started. About two people who both don't like each other at first but eventually they will also love each other. But where they are happy together, there will come an unexpected problem that will separate the two of them. After many years,... more info

Story about: love and pain, choices, student and professor

Ongoing: 26 Jul 106 pages
19807 484

Rating: 93

#11 in Contemporary fiction
#126 in Romance


My Woman

Miss Murty

Aditya Deewan, a rude, arrogant, self-obsessed, and very handsome and the richest man in the country who is in his late twenties..... This man exactly knows how to crush someone's self-respect. He absolutely hates to hear 'No' but what would he do if he hears the word he hates the most from the woma... more info

Story about: selfrespected girl, love and pain, possessive billionaire and protective

Ongoing: 18 Jul 35 pages
3014 468

Rating: 61

#444 in Romance
#241 in Billionaires
#28 in Contemporary fiction


Sleeping Together

Constance Marounta

“You ate cupcakes again?” he mumbled. She nodded in his chest. “Strawberry?” he asked. Again she nodded. “Saved one for me?” She shook her head and he chuckled. *Slow Updates*... more info

Story about: love and pain, bullying, suicidal girl

Ongoing: 25 Jul 15 pages
92 13

Rating: 2

#26 in Young adult
#491 in Romance


Part Of Mine

Farah Bukhari

Story of those who met and departed to experience the agony. ... more info

Story about: love and pain

Ongoing: 22 Jul 15 pages
120 13

Rating: 5

#89 in Fantasy
#33 in Dark fantasy


Through Ivory Bridge


Vivian Moores is aware she's no one special, and she's more than okay with that. The eyes of society brought trouble anyways, and her life was hard enough. With five siblings to look after, no parents, a full time job, and school she lived a busy yet quiet life. But when you save some one ... more info

Story about: suicide, love and pain, romance comedy

Ongoing: 01 Jun 11 pages
52 9

Rating: 1

#1627 in Romance
#163 in Young adult


Corona & His Wife

Author Vanshika

He had one cure to all his problem, his wife. And the world had one solution for its problem and that was the mercy from the great ruler, Corona. Join Corona and Coroe in their beautiful life! Just five chapters and beautiful love story... ♤Completed!... more info

Story about: love and pain, lost, dominant

Complete 16 pages
775 65

Rating: 12

#1915 in Romance
#100 in Inspiration romance
#445 in Fantasy
#20 in Urban fantasy

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