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Booknet Stories: love and possessive. Best in genre

Stories: love and possessive. Best in genre

2 books
Book cover "The badboy's hometown Princess "
"H-Harry! You... you can’t do this.” I shuddered looking into his emerald eyes. Ignoring me, he kept trailing his left hand fingers on my arm while his right thumb was stroking my lips. “Why can’t I?.” He huskily whispered into my ear. His face was so close to mine and I could feel...
37 097
236 pp.
Book cover "Infatuated Desire"
With the support of the wall, she was trying to suppress her sobbing. Seeing her crying, Wadan came near her. "After seeing all this, will u still be able to love me? You surely aren't. That's why I was telling u to change ur decision otherwise u won't have to see all this." With his one finge...
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In progress: 22 Dec
0 pp.
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