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Love Is Enough

Emma Swan

"Finally, you're here. Won't you please stop torturing me?" he asked, caressing her scarred cheek, her long wavy hair. "I absolutely need to know who you are! You have to tell me your name and why every time I see you I feel like I've known you all my life?! Why do I feel this strong desire to kiss ... more info

Story about: revenge, love at first sight, happy ending

Complete 373 pages
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Rating: 184

#9 in Contemporary fiction
#7 in ChickLit
#98 in Romance
#3 in Inspiration romance


Nice to meet you again

Kehinde Jayeoba

Maxwell_ A very wealthy man and a genius falls in love with a girl he met four years ago and after meeting her again. He decided not to ever let her go again. Sonya has nothing to worry about has her life was perfect. Then suddenly one day she lost her mother and her dad disappeared. Then her Dre... more info

Story about: love at first sight, finding love

Ongoing: 25 Sep 36 pages
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Rating: 8

#167 in Romance
#94 in Billionaires


The love job


" You see how my hands fill up the space in yours and how yours is doing the same?". She looked down, moved her hand a bit ,then looked up. Her face void of emotions " so?". He smiled " it means that I'm here. For you. Your fingers are lonely, mine is here. We've got eachother and together we ... more info

Story about: family drama, love at first sight, conflict

Complete 377 pages
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Rating: 65

#250 in Romance
#35 in Romantic suspense
#22 in Contemporary fiction
#15 in ChickLit


Love story

muthulakshmi G

Love story This is a true love story. The story is about the amazing Jedi (Lucky Cowles) and the cute couple. They have a beautiful fight and beautiful care and help. This is a story hero and heroin name meaning analysis for you ... Hero: Vinoth Kumar Heroin: Latchaga and Lakshmi ... more info

Story about: love, love at first sight, love marriage

Complete 3 pages
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Rating: 3

#23 in Short stories
#509 in Romance
#34 in Inspiration romance


Fancy Love story

muthulakshmi G

Fantasy and dream love story. Everyone in the fictional world appears to have a pleasant life and wonderful human beings. 20th Century People (Digital-life) The protagonist of this story is Suresh. ... more info

Story about: love, love at first sight, lovely dream

Ongoing: 02 Aug 4 pages
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Rating: 10

#235 in Fantasy
#104 in Romantic fantasy

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