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The Final Return


Jessica is ashamed. Not only has she lied to her best friend, but she is lying to the father of their daughter. Jessica remembers the day like yesterday. His dark skin, sparkling smile, and beautiful eyes is something that haunts her dreams. Jessica had told Christine that the father knew abou... more info

Story about: lovers, love child, secrets revealed

Ongoing: 30 Mar 5 pages
12 3 0

Rating: 0

#324 in Romance
#73 in Contemporary Romance
#74 in Contemporary fiction


Rohita - A Love Story

Vijay Kerji

This is a story about the two Software Engineers, Milind, and Rohita, who get married in India and return to New Jersey. Milind is already in love with his classmate, Esha, who lives in India. Rohita meets her classmate, Ravi in New Jersey. Things will change when Rohita falls in love with Ravi ... more info

Story about: lovers, indian, software engineers

Ongoing: 23 Mar 137 pages
5235 87 42

Rating: 8

#428 in Romance
#85 in Contemporary Romance


Venin : An Old Tale

Mahnoor Khan

You know her daughter's story but its time to know her own story. This story revolves around a girl named Athena niveus who fell in love with human despite the differences but the world as cruel as it is will let her live with her one and only true love? If you haven't read the first part? go re... more info

Story about: fantasy, lovers, whitesnake

Ongoing: 23 Feb 11 pages
220 23 3

Rating: 4

#190 in Fantasy
#44 in Romantic fantasy
#372 in Romance
#52 in New Adult & College

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