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The Treasure of mankind


Aria was only a newborn baby when she was found by Leah and David and they promised each other to rise Aria up with love and affection that she never feels alone. What they didn't know was that she was so special, that her parents Rosalie and Jason were so shattered to give away their daughter on... more info

Story about: love, magic, royal family

Complete 61 pages
1315 61

Rating: 10

#1010 in Romance
#86 in Mystery
#43 in Supernaturals


More than a dream


Kobayashi Hoshi is an average young man who was stuck in a boring job and life. Nothing exciting ever happens to him. Until one night whilst making his way home from work he experiences an event that leaves him wondering if it was real or not. Image is from pinterest... more info

Story about: magic, supernatural, gay romance

Ongoing: 25 Jun 27 pages
76 9

Rating: 0

#1086 in Romance
#24 in LGBT
#170 in Fantasy
#93 in Romantic fantasy


Hogwarts. New generation

Olga Jones

Fan fiction around the world of Harry Potter. I want to try to continue this story. Years have passed. The exploits of the golden trio have already become like legends, and the school of sorcery continues to accept new students into its walls. How will their story turn out and will they have new en... more info

Story about: magic, fantasy, friendship

Ongoing: 25 Jun 12 pages
50 3

Rating: 3

#20 in Fanfiction
#225 in Fantasy
#8 in Action fantasy


Return to Jorgaldur: the battle mage


When he dies in his bed due to his advanced age, he still remembers an NPC from an MMORPG that he played in his youth, without understanding why he has never forgotten her. When he opens his eyes again, he finds the ruins of what was the beginning of that game. Has he returned to a place that never... more info

Story about: reincarnation, magic, true love

Complete 486 pages
25383 301

Rating: 30

#64 in Science fiction
#18 in LitRPG
#815 in Fantasy
#45 in Epic fantasy


The Mice in the Kitchen

Monica Euen

In pursuit of a new life, three beings meet by chance without knowing that this encounter will decide their fates. Mice, spells, princes and poisoned apples. This is not a fairy tale... or is it? ... more info

Story about: magic, love, mystery

Complete 138 pages
8663 20

Rating: 4

#2593 in Fantasy
#7784 in Romance


Christmas angel

Sarah Armad (Devilsgoodgirl)

✨ Magic ? Magic is when tears are wiped away and replaced with a smile. Magic is when a non-believer believes in miracles. What other time would one see this magic, than the one time of the year our inner child leaps out of us to sing, dance and open presents. Embark to a journey of the... more info

Story about: magic, angel, christmas miracle

Complete 21 pages
1370 89

Rating: 47

#152 in Contemporary fiction


Rainbow Rising

Holley Dovetail

This little fairy-tale short story dedicated to a pet-friend gone chasing the rainbow. For kids their first lost and challenge in life is letting go of their pet friends that once became part of their world. This little story will help in times they have to say good-bye without falling into despair.... more info

Story about: magic, fantasy, kids

Complete 3 pages
1963 13

Rating: 4

#2487 in Fantasy
#571 in Short stories


Hidden in the Shadows: Book One

Olivia Gordon Reid

Fifteen-year-old Renee Patterson lives a pretty normal life, except she can see weird things all around her. Unexplainable things. Supernatural things. When no one reacts to them, she starts to think that she's going crazy. However, when she meets two new, mysterious girls on the first day of school... more info

Story about: magic, coming of age, battles

Complete 73 pages
3243 370

Rating: 28

#2300 in Fantasy
#184 in Action fantasy
#914 in Mystery
#512 in Supernaturals


The Abomination

Obasi Naomi

A Supreme Lord with a dangerous thirst for power... A woman with no success in love... A man who is more than he seems... Gwendolyn lived a very simple life. As a songwriter, she was comfortable in her monotonous and somewhat sad existence. But that took a huge turn when she encountered Tyron... ... more info

Story about: prophecies, realms, magic

Ongoing: 13 May 38 pages
190 25

Rating: 7

#348 in Fantasy
#168 in Romantic fantasy
#18 in Epic fantasy


My Mystic Life (draft)

Beryl Chemtai

This isn't your typical high school story. With werewolves, mages, varsities and a bit of drama. Looks like this is gonna be a blast.... more info

Story about: magic, fantasy, modern fantasy

Complete 3 pages
603 37

Rating: 6

#2255 in Fantasy
#91 in Urban fantasy
#871 in Young adult
#397 in School


Fallen Angel: Darkest Legion

A story for everyone

After the fight with the Murder Corp, losing his brother, and sending away his team he now travels the many regions of the Astral Plain. After becoming lost for many years he is given a chance to join something greater than himself. ... more info

Story about: ninja, magic, martial arts

Complete 38 pages
1243 57

Rating: 5

#2161 in Fantasy
#457 in Dark fantasy
#170 in Action fantasy


Fickle Things - Outset

The Terakali

All aspire to be powerful- to have the ability to solve all challenges before you- and while most still admire the struggle of life, there's no denying the occasional thought to becoming God. Draga is hardly unique in that regard, but he is at least a little in his chance to do just that. Finally... more info

Story about: magic, gods, other worlds

Complete 97 pages
10153 89

Rating: 4

#2839 in Fantasy
#268 in Action fantasy
#1064 in Others
#313 in Humor


Once Upon a Time: Pixar style


Pixar characters are transported to the town of Pixfare, Maine, where they've been stripped of their memories and identities. An adult Jack-Jack is brought to town in the hopes of breaking the curse cast by Syndrome.... more info

Story about: magic, disney, pixar

Complete 189 pages
809 15

Rating: 1

#185 in Fanfiction
#38 in Movies Fanfiction


Ink and Ice (the Saiopia Duology, Book One)

Julianna Gabriel

For all their lives, best friends Peter and Azure have lived in a small Saiopian village. Their fates are entwined in strange ways, ways that neither of them knows - and it all spirals around Peter's secret. In Saiopia, those with magic live a complicated existence. And Peter has powerful magic ... more info

Story about: magic, small town, romance fantasy

Complete 148 pages
24800 278

Rating: 12

#2790 in Fantasy
#1124 in Romantic fantasy
#602 in Dark fantasy


The Choice: The Forgotten Tale Book 2

Veronica S. Lawson

A choice of Power. A choice of Love. A choice that decides destiny's flow. Will Arthur die by Modreds hand, or will Abilon be created. Only the choice made by one blue eyed witch will determine everyone's fate. Will Merlin make the right choice and gain new friends, or will she make a grave mistake... more info

Story about: magic, destiny, merlin

Complete 134 pages
955 11

Rating: 3

#154 in Fanfiction
#1197 in Fantasy


The Curse Of Three!

Director West.

Follow the series of the thrilling adventures of the Wickinson brothers, who encounter a curse from their father that separates them with their witch abilities. But later one of the brothers, gets caught in a temptation of lifting the curse with acceptance of any consequences ahead of him! But the p... more info

Story about: adventure, magic, evil

Complete 146 pages
7704 72

Rating: 8

#1077 in Mystery
#2770 in Fantasy



A story for everyone

In very world we know many generations of a great samurai clans has protected our world from the evil Gorrens. On their own each of the clans were powerful, but together their union could create a power far greater than their individual powers. Now after many centuries of this great tradition of pas... more info

Story about: magic, unity, samurai

Complete 83 pages
496 8

Rating: 0

#928 in Fantasy
#86 in Action fantasy
#56 in Epic fantasy


Raising hell

Михаил Рудин

The entient prophety comes truethe ancient prophecy comes true... more info

Story about: night, knight, magic

Complete 1 pages
640 17

Rating: 1

#1019 in Mystery
#566 in Supernaturals
#635 in Short stories


World of Conventions


World Series, Book 5: As winter sets in, Laurëafanya's life gets busier. She needs to balance school, singing, blogging, and her growing popularity on two worlds is about to skyrocket. Is she ready to explose her true self to the world? Can she pull off hiding in plain sight when everything about h... more info

Story about: magic, highschool, elven culture

Complete 380 pages
896 41

Rating: 2

#2600 in Romance
#109 in LGBT
#783 in Fantasy
#343 in Romantic fantasy


Coal Dust


Aria sets out to find a job to honor her struggling parents, instead is left hopeless until she helps an old woman collect her newspapers and is rewarded one for being so generous. Aria's surprised when she discovers the newspaper is magic and grants her one wish. In order for her wish to come true,... more info

Story about: princess, magic, coal miners

Complete 3 pages
967 28

Rating: 11

#617 in Short stories
#2584 in Fantasy

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