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Falling For The Badboy Superstar

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Lana wins a competition to go on tour with pop idol Jordan Carter. He is immediately drawn to her but she tries to stay away but he finds that the harder he tries, the closer he wants to get. For Lana this is a dream come true because she has always had the ultimate crush on Jordan. She knows he has... more info

Story about: music, heartbreak, young love

Complete 339 pages
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Rating: 470

#200 in Romance
#13 in New Adult & College
#29 in Romantic suspense


Only Blue

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Summary When Blue showed up unexpectedly on prom night, Corbyn thought they could finally be together. But after she presents him with a proposition that he turned down with uncompromising resistance. As much as they love each other, she’s not backing down and he isn’t either. With their de... more info

Story about: music, love after heartbreak, college love

Ongoing: 24 Feb 21 pages
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Rating: 19

#9 in Young adult
#235 in Romance
#18 in New Adult & College

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Imperfect Hearts

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Oaklynn has graduated and Kylo's is now a larger than life celebrity. It seems like he's become more unattainable since their fallout. Especially after both their exes are pursuing them with the determination of a lion hunting a gazelle. Will true love prevail? Will they somehow find their way back ... more info

Story about: music, heartthrob, lovedrama

Complete 189 pages
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Rating: 462

#495 in Romance
#44 in New Adult & College
#28 in Young adult


Tangled In Blue

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Blue Rivers can't seem to escape her past. It always seems to haunt her and drag her back into its abyss. Her mother is doing time and she's left as the only caregiver to her young brother. She's convinced herself that she's not worthy of love and never will be. When she asks A student Corbyn Colem... more info

Story about: music, heartbreak, collegeromance

Complete 150 pages
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Rating: 92

#30 in Young adult
#11 in School
#514 in Romance
#45 in New Adult & College


Four Seasons of Rainy Days


When high school seniors, Lành (aka Renée aka Raini) Đặng & Patrick (aka Tripp) Wiley cross paths more than once, they never expect their lives to change in extraordinary ways. They meet in summer, become friends in autumn, confess their feelings in winter and fall in love in spring. Both of th... more info

Story about: music, friendship and love, social anxiety disorder

Ongoing: 13 Feb 192 pages
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Rating: 25

#68 in Young adult
#53 in Contemporary fiction


Don't Fall, Let's Rise In Love


Prajan and Arav, the rulers of the music industry popularly known as THE DUO enjoy their newly acquired lime light. But all of a sudden, Prajan finds himself in a situation where he loose everything from his relationship to his best friend Arav and his career. Just when he thought he has nothing to ... more info

Story about: music, celebrity crush childhood friend

Complete 35 pages
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Rating: 6

#1808 in Romance
#236 in Romantic suspense

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