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Booknet Stories: muslimlovestory. Best in genre

Stories: muslimlovestory. Best in genre

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Book cover "His Unwanted Bride Book 1"
Everyone has a right to smile, love, and find happiness but that wasn't the case for Hayat Ali. She is a 25-year-old Muslim girl who works as a school teacher. She lives with her loving father evil stepmother and stepsister. Many will say that there's no such thing as an evil stepmother or even a...
Story about: abuse, truelove, muslimlovestory
5 288
In progress: 25 Mar
97 pp.
Book cover "I Fell For The Muslim Girl"
"LET GO OF ME!" I pushed him away from me. "What?" he smirked, pretending like he didn't know. "Why do you hate me so much? What've I ever done to you?" I bursted into tears. "It doesn't matter." he tried to shut me out. "It matters to me. Every time you come near me, bad things happen."...
417 867
253 pp.
Book cover "Mending Broken Heart"
He couldn't get over his ex-fiancé who had unceremoniously broken off their engagement just five days before their wedding. She was engaged to a man who did not respect her or her work. Neither were looking for love. Yet, while they were busy saving lives, dealing with exes, living through a pande...
9 730
459 pp.
Book cover "Twist of Fate "
«Verily, after every difficulty is ease». «I plan, You plan, We all plan but Allah's plan is the best». ~**~ "Yeah, I know. I was your wife before but now I'm my husband's wife. And if you really love me as you said, you will let me go because I've let you go a long time ago. If you re...
3 416
121 pp.
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