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Heated Desire

Jane Guo

I can play any role needed of me without any hesitation, the saying 'Don't judge a book by its cover' fits me to a T. I am intelligent, cunning, manipulative and confident. I make the impossible possible and no situation or a case has ever fazed me...that is until I met him. Draven Stryker is a b... more info

Story about: love, pain, agent

Complete 169 pages
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Rating: 129

#62 in Romance
#10 in New Adult & College
#9 in Romantic suspense


Untold Story


Eva Storms, the lovely girl goes to Quezon city to change her life. To achieve her dreams. But her meeting with Bella Addington changes her life. Secrets and friendship. What will happen between the best friends...?!... more info

Story about: pain, life, whats life without friends

Ongoing: 09 Mar 16 pages
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Rating: 2

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