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Betide to love you


None of this was suppose to happen. They both were so different. Candice Whale, a woman of strong facades. Tyler Moretti, a ruthless mafia leader. They were never a match. What if he breaks all those walls of ice she built and was introduced to her shy self. Did he knew behind the face of a rude wo... more info

Story about: passion, mafia, love

Ongoing: 13 Sep 39 pages
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Rating: 11

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Sam kzim

A 25 years old girl having in love with someone she didn't know but then she realize that he is with another relationship she is broken,hurt and feels insecure and that day comes when he got married he invite her family she is confused about to stay at home or go there.. the circumstances turns and ... more info

Story about: romance, passion, hurts

Complete 23 pages
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Rating: 8

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