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Short Stories Collection


Welcome, <{^•^}>, to my collection of Short stories. One short story of each genre, of course everything is orginial. If you're just here to browse stories on litnet check this out as well. Maybe you'll take interest on some of it. Happy ready :)... more info

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Stories Told to Dead Flowers


Stories are not always narrated but can also be told in rhymes. Learn to look and see as words paint a past you never lived, a present you don't see and a future you cannot reach. Look behind the details and tell me what you see.... more info

Story about: poems, love can has many ways to meet, lost memories

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Faceless. Stories of none

Оксана Кириченко (Aillin Ai)

Are you scared? Inside this damaged world we are along Lonely, helpless, defeated. How come we do not see the light anymore? Short stories and poems about feelings that once hold their places inside my heart. Now I can properly show them to others. All rights reserved. INSTAGRAM OF QU... more info

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Rosetta Cain

...... more info

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A Song Yet Unsung [poetry]

Boakye D. Alpha

"A song yet Unsung" is a collection of poems. Poems about life, love, broken heart and the struggles of life. The author has combined together a life force that gives his readers inspiration. ©Alphawrites -Achievements- ⚪3rd runner up in African writers Awards ▫▫▫▫▫... more info

Story about: poetry and thoughts, poems, love

Ongoing: 11 Feb 4 pages
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Rating: 4

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