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His Human Mate

Khurshida Khushi

Dylan Black Knight The most powerful werewolf king of the world. He is the king of all kings. He is known as the most merciless, heartless werewolf. He has everything a god gifted: looks, money, power but still he feels lonely. So lonely. Because he did not find his mate. He is still searching ... more info

Story about: possessive werewolf king

Ongoing: 26 Feb 50 pages
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Rating: 170

#14 in Fantasy
#1 in Horror
#1 in Paranormal


The Unwilling Mate


Emma – An innocent 18-year-old human, who lost her family in a tragic accident. She is a gentle and kind soul who lives with her foster mum Grace and Grace’s boyfriend, Eric, who are both part of a werewolf clan. Although living with werewolves, Emma has remained unaware of the dangers that surr... more info

Story about: billionaire, possessive werewolf king, romance

Ongoing: 13 Feb 12 pages
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Rating: 73

#39 in Fantasy
#329 in Romance
#15 in Paranormal Romance

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