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When Lou thought she had found her happiness. Her world started to crumble. She opened the bottle of sleeping pills in her hand. Took a handful and put it in her mouth. Please, don't save me. For her, continue living is a cursed. *** Raphael “God, can you give me permission to go d... more info

Story about: angel, redemption, when the two different worlds collided

Ongoing: 23 Feb 12 pages
59 7 2

Rating: 2

#87 in Fantasy
#48 in Romantic fantasy
#29 in Mystery
#13 in Supernaturals


Serendipity - a fortunate happenstance

Udari Kay

A girl, a symbol of benevolence. For her, it was no secret what kind of game he was playing. But upon all she saw what nobody else cared enough to see before. She insisted on revealing what made him the person he was. How jaded his soul had become in the face of cynical insensitiveness of human n... more info

Story about: secondchance, redemption, love

Complete 247 pages
133726 726 79

Rating: 60

#4693 in Romance
#690 in Contemporary Romance
#731 in Young adult


The Masked Caper

A story for everyone

A man of war has to find peace with what he's done in order to move forward into the future will he achieve redemption or will his sins never be forgiven. ... more info

Story about: magic, redemption

Complete 15 pages
344 24 3

Rating: 2

#1126 in Fantasy
#206 in Dark fantasy
#69 in Epic fantasy


Royalty Within

Tiana Munguti

Royalty within Mala is a young girl with strange abilities and this causes all to dislike her immensely. She is sold but the trader she is sold is ambushed in the middle of the forest. She is taken and everyone else is killed. She soon realizes that all happens for a reason and she may finally have... more info

Story about: love, redemption, loss and betrayal

Complete 11 pages
4093 130 17

Rating: 13

#407 in Short stories
#525 in Mystery
#154 in Romantic mystery


Her Sweet Warrior

Marian Meciar

I am Tsu-Ming Zu, And I have lived my life wrongly. I have loved the wrong person. And for that, I have been betrayed while also betraying the one I shouldn't have. Upon my dying breath, only one thought remained. If I have a chance to go back... I would love him with all my heart. The god... more info

Story about: redemption, love and past, paralleluniverse

Ongoing: 11 Jan 11 pages
69 7 0

Rating: 2

#604 in Fantasy
#305 in Romantic fantasy

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