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Lies In Relationship ( L H R 3)

Goodness Shadrach

"How could you do this to me?" His voice spoke of his pain, of the hurt he feels. "I'm sorry..." Her lips quivered. "Sorry? You are saying sorry?" "Michael, it was..." "I don't want to see you now. Leave." "Michael...please..." "Just go!" His voice resonated through the whole house... more info

Story about: heartbreak, marriage, revenge and love

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Rating: 547

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Billionaire's Revenge

Lily Matanhire

Arnnelle's life changed drastically after her parents died. She was just a 14 year old child left all alone in the world. She was in desperate need of money for rent and food but getting a job wasn't an easy task. An older girl named Angela, who was her neighbor as well as schoolmate, offered to giv... more info

Story about: revenge and love, revenge hatred suspence love billionaire, revenge love mistake

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Rating: 211

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The she devil

Sonita Olise

Revenge is a dish best served cold, but what happened when the son of the most hated person in your life, makes you his contracted wife, will love prevail over evil?.... more info

Story about: revenge and love

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Rating: 19

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Searching for his warmth


This is a short story and one of my Reedsy weekly prompt submission. I want to give credit to Reedsy for helping me with the theme. It was titled "My Halloween love story" but I decided to change the title to "Searching for his warmth". I also edited some parts because at Reedsy prompts every story... more info

Story about: death, revenge and love, underworld

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Rating: 2

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