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One Good Betrayal Deserves Another

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Cassie Winters's life was perfect or at least she thought..until fate helped her unravel a terrible secret that would change her whole life and leave her world shattered. A series of unfortunate events happened in her life, and she had no one to turn to but herself. She ends up going on an expected ... more info

Story about: love, revenge, betrayal

Complete 62 pages
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Rating: 21

#81 in Romance
#14 in Contemporary Romance
#1 in Short stories


Love Is Enough

Emma Swan

"Finally, you're here. Won't you please stop torturing me?" he asked, caressing her scarred cheek, her long wavy hair. "I absolutely need to know who you are! You have to tell me your name and why every time I see you I feel like I've known you all my life?! Why do I feel this strong desire to kiss ... more info

Story about: revenge, love at first sight, happy ending

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Rating: 106

#10 in Contemporary fiction
#9 in ChickLit
#93 in Romance
#4 in Inspiration romance


Spoken Lies Broken Ties


"How come you never told me you could drive? Who taught you to drive?" "One of my ex-boyfriends," she said. "How many did you have?" ************ Rebecca and Mark were neighbors and their parents are best friends. They literally grew up together and eventually became the best of... more info

Story about: revenge, millionaire, lovehate

Ongoing: 12 Mar 71 pages
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Rating: 28

#90 in Romance
#16 in New Adult & College
#16 in Contemporary Romance


Deadly Rose


The plan was to escape forever. To never go back. Not everyone is who they say they are. Revenge is all it's about. “Wha- how did you!?” She looked at the dead body laying on the concrete floor then back to Lucas who was also in shock with glowing hands.... more info

Story about: revenge, past, abilities

Ongoing: 19 Mar 73 pages
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Rating: 5

#36 in Mystery
#17 in Supernaturals


Sisters part 1


Sisters present the mix of emotions and this is part 1, part 2 will arrive soon and this presents the story of a pathetic woman who destroyed the life of her very own husband just to take the revenge that was wrong and how she exceeds limits and plans an incredible plan to get her husband to the fla... more info

Story about: revenge, jealousy and rot and pain and death, sisters love

Complete 16 pages
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Rating: 1

#217 in Fantasy
#75 in Dark fantasy
#66 in Thrillers & Suspense

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