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Fake Wife Book 3

Shilpa Nelson

With Kimberley's return, while Sean and Myra's relationship is still recovering from a setback, many unsettled resentments from the past will surface. Kimberley claims to be innocent throughout and resolves to win Sean's trust back. Is she really innocent and was framed? If so, why and by who? How w... more info

Story about: revenge, billionaire romance, regret and forgiveness

Ongoing: 18 Jul 57 pages
11339 542

Rating: 123

#170 in Romance
#30 in Romantic suspense


Shade in the darkness


He is the wealthiest man in the state. He personally has 4 of the leading ranked hotels and a casino. To Ruhi, Ranaweera is a little handsome, but for others, he is the most lovely gentleman. However, Ruhi heard some rumors that he is carrying some mafia activities secretly and usually he is a playb... more info

Story about: revenge, forcemarriage, arrogant billionaire

Ongoing: 22 Jul 312 pages
46579 730

Rating: 120

#172 in Romance
#102 in Billionaires


Unsavory Redemption

Failia Baighaan

Their love was their ravage that left them in a desolate place as they became euphorically ignorant of their unsavory redemption. *** Rebecca Morris, Stuck in an undesirable situation of marrying the guy who gave his heart to her sister but her father who thought of her as nothing but a contempt w... more info

Story about: revenge, heartbreak, redemption

Complete 196 pages
77872 1269

Rating: 190

#277 in Romance
#64 in Contemporary Romance


His vengeance Love

HENA, Arcane

“Oh Mayra!” he said and then held my hands. A weak smile appeared on my lips as I thought he was going to end this prank but he did something else. Something unexpected. “You’re such a naive girl. And beyond that…” he drawled, pulling me closer to his face that our nose almost touched ... more info

Story about: revenge, heartbreak, hate to love

Complete 278 pages
56164 678

Rating: 236

#278 in Romance
#65 in Contemporary Romance
#54 in Romantic suspense


Enslaved Princess

Eggovin star

About the book Halimat is a princess who was captured and demoted to a slave,she finds herself in a new kingdom where she meets prince Murad .A rude and arrogant prince who wanta nothing but her virginity,will she succomb despite all punishment and torture her mete out on her?........... more info

Story about: dark romance, royalty, revenge

Ongoing: 24 Jul 9 pages
263 17

Rating: 2

#417 in Romance
#16 in Inspiration romance


Endless Black


"Stop; please stop.” I begged but no one is merciful enough to listen to me. From then on, I lost my power to speak; as no one is going to listen. Ash When I saw her black eyes, I was lost in its depth. It is like a black hole. It consumes you. I was consumed by her. However, later I understo... more info

Story about: revenge, victim point of view, weak to strong

Complete 163 pages
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Rating: 97

#443 in Romance
#104 in Contemporary Romance
#18 in Inspiration romance


Can I still love you?

Hanna Swetha

this is the picture is from the internet and I asked my friend to edit this, I dont own this picture and all the rights will belongs to the owner over the cover and not me "I can do anything just to get your forgiveness," said Allen with the pleading tune, he knows that he can't be forgiven for t... more info

Story about: revenge, possesive billionaire, new adult romance

Ongoing: 16 Jul 47 pages
7703 378

Rating: 50

#458 in Romance
#245 in Billionaires
#106 in Contemporary Romance


Cruel trap of love

Souheir Benadis

Ten years of love, ten years of affection ,he was my happiness ,my everything, and on simple word he was my life For three years of marriage, madison thought that she can melt his heart but little did she know that she was trapped in his way of revenge As long as he is around She endured the thr... more info

Story about: revenge, billionaire, marriage

Complete 85 pages
32404 613

Rating: 96

#472 in Romance
#253 in Billionaires
#5 in Historical Romance

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His Love & Hate

Varshitha Kancharla

“Please Ian. Please. Leave him.” I sobbed hitting his hard chest. “I’ll do whatever you want. Please leave him.” I fell on my knees and cupped my face. He knelt down on one leg and gripped my chin. “Look at me.” He ordered. I continued sobbing without listening to him. “LOO... more info

Story about: revenge, billionaire, love triangle

Complete 253 pages
217625 1745

Rating: 473

#591 in Romance
#313 in Billionaires
#100 in Romantic suspense

3.59 USD

Perfection (imperfection 2)

Goodness Shadrach

"You made a mistake coming back. You shouldn't have. Your very presence makes me sick. This is war, but let me give you a hint. The last time you fought against my mother, this time? You will be fighting against me and I'm going to do everything within my power to bring you down." For as long as Li... more info

Story about: romance, revenge, billionaires

Complete 257 pages
49864 1320

Rating: 502

#597 in Romance
#318 in Billionaires


One Good Betrayal Deserves Another

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Cassie Winters's life was perfect or at least she thought..until fate helped her unravel a terrible secret that would change her whole life and leave her world shattered. A series of unfortunate events happened in her life, and she had no one to turn to but herself. She ends up going on an expected ... more info

Story about: love, revenge, betrayal

Complete 62 pages
62174 1090

Rating: 89

#688 in Romance
#159 in Contemporary Romance
#11 in Short stories




“Couldn't you hear? Just now someone called us,” I asked her, without leaving the doorway. “I think your ears are ringing,” she giggled but I know I heard someone. She called both of us but why couldn't Ayla hear? As I sighed and turned to close the door, after believing Ayla but sudden... more info

Story about: revenge, raped, ruthlessness

Complete 51 pages
2658 95

Rating: 21

#6 in Horror
#6 in Paranormal
#81 in Thrillers & Suspense
#31 in Suspense


Our Cute Love-Hate Relationship


This story is about a cute and lovely girl Tara who falls in love with Ayan Khan known as A.K . Ayaan also loves tara and wants to marry her but one thing that is stopping them to do so is their family. Both Ayan and Tara's father are rivals . Mr.Majeed Ahmad would never let his daughter m... more info

Story about: revenge, loveandhate, pakistani

Ongoing: 16 Jun 104 pages
3230 90

Rating: 16

#989 in Romance
#151 in Romantic suspense
#91 in Thrillers & Suspense
#13 in Action thriller

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Awful Issues

Failia Baighaan

"No more Garnet.. Only.." My back hit the wall as my breath hitched. My heart skipped a beat when he put his hands on the wall and leaned close to me, "Ms.. Beth..." He whispered huskily, moving his face so close to mine. "What game?" I asked in a whisper, not liking this at all. He let out a ... more info

Story about: revenge, secrets, blackmail

Complete 276 pages
32500 394

Rating: 105

#1174 in Romance
#263 in Contemporary Romance
#545 in Billionaires


Arya's Royal Revenge

CG Hope

They say forgive those who hurt you. But then again, revenge is a dish best served cold. Sixteen years ago, Arya's father was murdered in cold blood by a member of the royal family of Izteca kingdom. Now, she is back for revenge and the Royal family doesn't seem to play nice. Will she be able... more info

Story about: drama, love, revenge

Ongoing: 08 Jun 75 pages
1620 66

Rating: 18

#1910 in Romance
#293 in Romantic suspense


Perfect Harmony (valmonte Series #1)


Elizabeth Jael Valmonte is one of the ten undeniably gorgeous and passionate heirs of the Valmonte clan, a ravishing, rich, and famous family known for being business-oriented and having members that are at top of their respective fields. She loves singing more than anything. But when her father, Ar... more info

Story about: firstlove, revenge, family

Ongoing: 14 Jul 69 pages
510 28

Rating: 0

#153 in Young adult
#1596 in Romance


Out of the blue

Whitney Bridge

Dahlia is a third year college student whose life takes a dark twist all in one night. Archer, a top notch secret assassin is assigned with the murder of Dahlia. Unable to carry out his mission, he ends up with things he didn't bargain for as he falls dangerously in love with Dahlia. Does the orga... more info

Story about: love, action, revenge

Ongoing: 15 Jun 15 pages
27 11

Rating: 2

#1522 in Romance
#314 in Contemporary Romance


Bitten & Cursed


Life was pretty average for Noah Jackson, a high school student who was a certified nerd and in consequence of this he used to get bullied a lot. The only excitement in his life were his two friends; Patricia Williams (a human who happened to fall in love with vampire), Henry Davidson (a short-tempe... more info

Story about: revenge, murder, vampire in love with human

Complete 104 pages
809 48

Rating: 24

#189 in Mystery
#66 in Romantic mystery
#1947 in Romance
#142 in Paranormal Romance


Carla: The Chosen One

Deby Gold

After escaping death, Carla joins the army under false pretenses to find out the truth about her parents death. In her quest for revenge against those who killed her family, Carla meets and falls in love with Melvin. When Melvin turns out to be the son of her sworn enemy and a life changing revelat... more info

Story about: action adventure, revenge, historical romance

Ongoing: 09 Jul 23 pages
139 14

Rating: 3

#1736 in Romance
#39 in Historical Romance


Its Just Simply Complicated

Maureen Mutahi

Have you ever loved someone and they simply took it as a joke... Have you ever told someone you loved them and they couldn't love you back... Well check this out "..I really like you Tori…” She swallowed hard “Did he have to pick this day to be heartbroken!?” She thought angrily ... more info

Story about: revenge, dominance, joking crazy relationship

Ongoing: 21 Jul 33 pages
549 19

Rating: 4

#171 in Young adult
#1650 in Romance
#663 in Billionaires

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