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The Surrogate

Grey V

"I want to be a dad but I don't want a woman" Despite having everything one could ever Dream of he wasn't satisfied ,he wasn't happy. His biggest desire was to be a....... Dad He had lost his faith in women and relationship but still desires to have a child and is ready to do anything. ... more info

Story about: romace, pregnancy and billionaire, surrogacy

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Rating: 312

#283 in Romance
#39 in Romantic suspense
#143 in Billionaires


The Fake Fiancée

Nina Amores

Rebecca hates her boss James, he is rude, arrogant, and obnoxiously handsome. She wishes she wasn’t his assistant, but she desperately needs money to pay off her brother’s debts. After having a few drinks at a party, she decides to confront James and give him a piece of her mind before blacking ... more info

Story about: engangement, romace, lies

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Rating: 198

#694 in Romance
#341 in Billionaires



Isha Jain

Pearl is stuck in a relationship with a ruthless billionaire. John is stuck with a person he sees no future with. What happens when they find each other? They know they should not fall for each other. Yet they can't help themselves. It doesn't really help that they decide to go away for a month ... more info

Story about: humor, romace, forbiddenromance

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Rating: 37

#3050 in Romance
#216 in Contemporary fiction


We Earn To Burn

Michael A. Romain

A woman, seeking a invitation to a exclusive club from a wealthy man who is one of the members who burns his earnings for escape from his traumatic past. Would she win if he gave her the chance? ... more info

Story about: romace

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Rating: 0

#5421 in Romance

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