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My Worth?

Manvi Upadhyay

This is a story of Elisa, who is in a loveless marriage with one of the most rich and influential figure of the country Ryan Watson . He is one those arrogant, rich character who treats others inferior to him as 'Dirt '. Elisa was anything but what he wanted his wife to be . What will happen when af... more info

Story about: romance drama, self love, billionaire toxic love

Complete 152 pages
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Rating: 879

#111 in Romance
#60 in Billionaires
#5 in Mystery
#1 in Romantic mystery


Storm of the billionaire ( Tempesta Del Magnate! )

Honey Lee Willmanson

A pitiful mysterious woman gone mute intentionally for survival. A facade to protect herself from the world. A cold and ruthless business tycoon tricked into a bond for his own rightful crown. Will her destiny change? Claim what belongs to her and avenge for the injustice Or will she be le... more info

Story about: suspense thriller, romance drama, billionaire revenge

Complete 655 pages
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Rating: 221

#248 in Romance
#61 in Contemporary Romance
#132 in Billionaires


Mr. Jerk and Miss. Cookie

Aura Saifi

We were about to leave when two boys rushed into the dance hall. "We're very sorry for being late but something urgent came up Miss." We turned around to see them and oh my god!!!!!!! Hamid and Junaid !!!! They were Hamid and Junaid two people whom I was hoping not to meet ever. Miss Ahana said," I... more info

Story about: romantic mystery, romance drama, humour and drama

Ongoing: 26 Jun 10 pages
210 56

Rating: 9

#489 in Romance
#256 in Billionaires
#22 in New Adult & College


Unchain My Heart

Raqeeba Mujib (Sheewholoved)

She was the little lavender in a bunch of roses. The roses he dearly loved and the lavender he was allergic to. Yet what happens when a leap of fate brings the two completely undestined and mismatched duo together in a bond so sacred. A marriage based on wants but not choices. A relation beyo... more info

Story about: arranged marriage, heartbreak, romance drama

Complete 424 pages
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Rating: 343

#507 in Romance
#264 in Billionaires
#70 in Romantic suspense


Dream of the Eternal Lovers


The story of college student Johan and middle school student Lucy, who have been having the same dream ever since they could remember. A dream of two lovers who would always fall to some misfortune. Before they meet their end, they swore to be together in the afterlife. History will crash upon Johan... more info

Story about: drama, romance drama, age difference romance

Ongoing: 24 Jun 52 pages
227 56

Rating: 4

#538 in Romance
#26 in New Adult & College


Hers Professor


Available on YouTube as Audio Novel. Link is given in Book trailer. Subscribe the channel for free and enjoy. She always stares out of the classroom with her blanks eyes searching for something, perhaps an emotion but finds nothing, then comes the new professor and becomes hot topic of the colle... more info

Story about: love, young adult, romance drama

Complete 276 pages
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Rating: 136

#28 in Young adult
#558 in Romance


Mending Broken Heart


He couldn't get over his ex-fiancé who had unceremoniously broken off their engagement just five days before their wedding. She was engaged to a man who did not respect her or her work. Neither were looking for love. Yet, while they were busy saving lives, dealing with exes, living through a pande... more info

Story about: muslimlovestory, romance drama, medical romance

Ongoing: 17 Jun 459 pages
4357 112

Rating: 25

#614 in Romance
#17 in Inspiration romance
#86 in Romantic suspense



Rachel WesternWind

Ana has done it, she's left for the Middle East and after landing in the desert she is having second thoughts, that is until she met Staff Sgt. Cor'elette. Things begin to get a bit more complicated as she attempts to follow orders and administer to those who are caught up in the turbulence of war.... more info

Story about: family and relationships, military lifestyles, romance drama

Complete 1373 pages
862 21

Rating: 4

#3 in Action & Adventures
#1 in Military
#67 in Thrillers & Suspense
#7 in Action thriller


Love is (not)blind


Shanaya is a young college going girl.She is beautiful, innocent and dreams of becoming a renowned n successful journalist.. Rudra Pra tap Singh , is a devil in a sheep's clothes..born with a silver spoon in his mouth....he is a handsome hunk, intelligent billionare.... Aims to follow his politician... more info

Story about: billionare, romance drama, possesive

Complete 285 pages
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Rating: 196

#1011 in Romance
#483 in Billionaires


Crippled At Heart !!


It is story of Bashak Fatim and her life. Few incidents in life happens in such a way that made her crippled not physically but at heart. Will Bashak be able to conquer her fears and will she give herself a chance? Join Bashak in her life struggles and see her overcome it....... more info

Story about: brokenheart, inspirational romance, romance drama

Ongoing: 09 Jun 149 pages
11672 127

Rating: 16

#1065 in Romance
#158 in Romantic suspense
#91 in Mystery
#30 in Romantic mystery

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Crash Into Me

Gegi Mei

Sandra Lowry is renting out her property for a living. A lifetime investment she couldn't really afford. When her best friend / property agent told her they were bidding on a new prospect that could cover her next 5 year rent, she was excited. The client, a handsome actor with a tragic past who w... more info

Story about: second chance, romantic suspense, romance drama

Complete 122 pages
65365 772

Rating: 112

#7385 in Romance
#1169 in Contemporary Romance
#462 in Contemporary fiction


Connected Hearts

Nuska Nisthar

Unexpected things happen at unexpected situations .... Timing is something that none of us can seem to get quite right with relationships. We could even meet the person of our dreams in a very unexpected situation... Read the book to know about the two strangers whose souls get connected at a... more info

Story about: love, romance, romance drama

Ongoing: 13 Jun 21 pages
629 56

Rating: 7

#1532 in Romance
#231 in Romantic suspense



AJ Ana

Tonny who was a mere person living in Quebec with his mother.He went fox mtn. with his friend Sam to collect the woods so he able to buy food & make his mother's Christmas miracle In 1774 it was illegal and they end up running for their lives He got lost in forest alone with injury hand but there he... more info

Story about: war, romance drama, christmas miracle

Complete 22 pages
322 28

Rating: 5

#2329 in Romance
#69 in Historical Romance
#325 in Romantic suspense


Average Joe & The Angel

Tony Spencer

Widow Anjelica was heavy with child in first weeks of 1930 and lost her job soon after losing her husband and travelled west to live with a cousin. But following the great 1929 Wall Street Crash no jobs were certain and her cousin had lost her job too, so no place for Anjelica. Someone suggested she... more info

Story about: romance drama, post great depression, eulogy

Complete 29 pages
143 6

Rating: 2

#1703 in Romance
#39 in Historical Romance
#71 in Short stories


Thirteen Little Stories

Thirteen Little Stories

Que pensarías de una persona viviendo una constante frustración al borde del suicidio que espera un milagro. Trece poemas, trece cartas y una realidad. Buscar la fortaleza donde no existe, para vivir en un mundo donde te exige una realidad que no tienes, suena complicado verdad.... more info

Story about: romance drama, romance life, poem from daily life experiences.

Ongoing: 07 May 11 pages
93 5

Rating: 3

#64 in Others
#8 in Poetry
#1575 in Romance

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