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Deal with a Billionaire


Jasmine Tolentino is the new employee of a popular magazine; as for her debut article she was appointed to create an article regarding Viel Salvador, a famous bachelor billionaire, while following Viel, the bachelor done something unexpected which resulted for them to become a couple in the eyes of ... more info

Story about: amnesia, biliionaire, romance drama

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Rating: 60

#455 in Romance
#263 in Billionaires
#60 in Romantic suspense

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Storm of the billionaire ( Tempesta Del Magnate! )

Honey Lee Willmanson

A pitiful mysterious woman gone mute intentionally for survival. A facade to protect herself from the world. A cold and ruthless business tycoon tricked into a bond for his own rightful crown. Will her destiny change? Claim what belongs to her and avenge for the injustice Or will she be le... more info

Story about: suspense thriller, romance drama, billionaire revenge

Complete 655 pages
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Rating: 79

#752 in Romance
#151 in Contemporary Romance
#379 in Billionaires


Their Perpetual Utopia


When you feel like love doesn't exists you push it away, you hide from it, you despise it, you deny it, but then there are those who believe it. William Harrison is a university student, and ever since his brother died when he was younger he lives only to be the perfect son that his parents want. Je... more info

Story about: boyxboy, romance drama, alternate world

Ongoing: 09 Feb 176 pages
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Rating: 5

#1011 in Romance
#46 in LGBT
#133 in Romantic suspense


As He Slowly Killing Me

Joyce Ara

"You used me to satisfy your selfishness. You used my love to break me. Now, should I forgive you?" "I'm sorry..." It was magical. Falling in love is so magical as if i was being drag to the fairytales that i have read. Cindy is pretty and has a clever mind. She caught everyone's attentio... more info

Story about: romance drama, mylovemybillionairecontest, romance with billionaire

Ongoing: 29 Jan 14 pages
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Rating: 3

#1062 in Romance
#495 in Billionaires

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Crash Into Me

Gegi Mei

Sandra Lowry is renting out her property for a living. A lifetime investment she couldn't really afford. When her best friend / property agent told her they were bidding on a new prospect that could cover her next 5 year rent, she was excited. The client, a handsome actor with a tragic past who w... more info

Story about: second chance, romantic suspense, romance drama

Complete 122 pages
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Rating: 111

#4069 in Romance
#580 in Contemporary Romance
#221 in Contemporary fiction


Love`s Stories

Priscila Serrano

Can there be love between musical notes? These stories show that music and love go hand in hand. And it is that when the feeling is experienced between frictions, looks and a beautiful song in the background, everything flows with more intensity. Four stories full of love. Four couples loving each o... more info

Story about: romance drama, romance juvenil, romance novelist

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Rating: 5

#3156 in Romance
#264 in New Adult & College
#152 in LGBT


Strange Aftermath


my skin slides against the wooden floor, leaving pieces of splinter stuck inside, "Issabella, get up, now!" Fresh blood enters my nostrils; mom's grim view frightens me, "Why are you covered in blood mom? Where's dad?" Her weight doesn't leave the door, red substance leaks from her neck... what bit ... more info

Story about: violence, romance drama, zombie apocalypse

Complete 210 pages
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Rating: 0

#276 in Thrillers & Suspense
#95 in Suspense
#44 in Action thriller


Safari Love

Ashley Masai

Nattie is a filthy rich and bitchy heiress who finds that she is supposed to take charge of her father,s safari camps and lodges in Africa whereas Jay is also in africa to find himself after staying in London for a while he decides to come back home .They are attracted to each other but are too stub... more info

Story about: romance drama, rich heiress, safari

Ongoing: 17 Jan 21 pages
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Rating: 6

#1707 in Romance
#264 in Contemporary Romance
#212 in Romantic suspense

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