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Booknet Stories: romance and supernaturals. Best in genre

Stories: romance and supernaturals. Best in genre

2 books
Book cover "A Bad Boy' Secret "
Life has never been easy for Anna Martin Perez, she had to live her life with many consequences as she was daughter of infamous elemental witch. Anna, Anna had long crush over her classmate and school famous boy Phoenix Stever, little did she knows he had secrets of his own, something he was hiding...
In progress: 01 Dec
35 pp.
Book cover "The Escape "
Jayden wants nothing but to escape from the hold of her old life. Start anew somewhere, where she wouldn't have to worry about being different or scared for her life. But only if it was that simple. Jayden, who hides in the shadows just want to be safe, is suddenly swarmed by people; good or bad, s...
1 501
In progress: 29 Oct
104 pp.
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