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Amenza :the rise to power


Amenze was almost killed and had a miscarriage by her lover nobody knew a single information about. Now after almost dying, she was taken back to her home town Eruwa in beni to heal up, then she meets Obèlè a good looking handsome intelligent strangers. Who she met in an unexpected way. Obël... more info

Story about: lovers, nigeria, royal fantasy

Ongoing: 02 Jul 67 pages
565 111 4

Rating: 7

#224 in Romance
#56 in Contemporary Romance


Duchess of the Dunes


Two lives. Two identities. One secret. One destiny. Near the Egyptian Western Desert called the Great Sand Sea, a story of love had begun. There lived a woman whose life was put in danger when she married a young Nobleman, and was forced to live under a new name and identity. Meanwhile, a foster... more info

Story about: love, royal fantasy, courage

Complete 18 pages
1750 36 20

Rating: 7

#232 in Short stories
#377 in Fantasy
#45 in Epic fantasy

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