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Booknet Stories: sad. Best in genre

Stories: sad. Best in genre

2 books
Book cover "The Silent Killer"
Imagine living in a place where you can't leave, where everyday is like hell. A killer that has never been seen, a killer that murders brutally, a killer that the police has been looking for years. Hazel a fifteen-year- old lives with her mother and step father. Life is normal for Hazel until sh...
Story about: pain, killer, sad
2 760
15 pp.
Book cover "Redeeming love"
Adrienne Nelson who try to find her happiness. She never know who is her mother is because it's only her dad who's taking care of her since she was a little. She got herself a boyfriend and also she has a best friend that always be with her. Adrienne thought she already got the loves, happiness with...
Story about: school, hate, sad
1 690
105 pp.
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