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Yours Loving Bully

Yush Ra

Dear Nicola "I hate it when you smile. I hate to see you happy. I never knew how much was i bend to broke you into pieces till i finally lost you. I knew you didn't have much things which i hated the most because you have the one thing which was of mine.... You have my Heart" Yours loving bully, ... more info

Story about: bullying, school, bully

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Rating: 10

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Say The Word

Vodka Gin

Vastel Von Ludwig decided that it was a good idea to befriend the outcast in his new school. He was willing to do anything to get closer to him. With help from a newly-made ally, he got so close to him, he fell in love with someone he should not have. Yet, what he did not expect was a change of even... more info

Story about: slice of life, friends, school

Ongoing: 17 Sep 68 pages
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Rating: 4

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#24 in LGBT
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Promising Droplets


They have been together for 16 years. Both were your typical childhood friends, sweet with each other, caring to each other, and loving with each other. But one of them wanted more than being together. During their graduation in highschool, before he leaves to live off with a relative at canada, he ... more info

Story about: school, childhood friends, shortstory

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Rating: 6

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