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Promising Droplets


They have been together for 16 years. Both were your typical childhood friends, sweet with each other, caring to each other, and loving with each other. But one of them wanted more than being together. During their graduation in highschool, before he leaves to live off with a relative at canada, he ... more info

Story about: school, childhood friends, shortstory

Complete 23 pages
486 40 4

Rating: 3

#53 in Young adult
#19 in School
#495 in Romance


Mark The Marks


Story that deals with the students living in metropolitan cities. The story revolves around four students Alex, Zack, John and Mason. There school life and the politics that goes around into the class and into the school. ... more info

Story about: school, student life, school life

Ongoing: 26 Sep 104 pages
5858 135 29

Rating: 7

#180 in Contemporary fiction
#42 in Urban life
#324 in Young adult
#123 in School


The grahams


Home should be an anchor , a port in a storm, a refuge a happy place but what about the grahams. How will they survive? Did they know what's going to happen? Adam is frightened will he get his family back? A story about family love trust and worship , you will get attached to the plot and have f... more info

Story about: school, family drama, family mysteries

Ongoing: 05 Sep 24 pages
273 28 4

Rating: 2

#168 in Thrillers & Suspense
#65 in Suspense
#1192 in Romance
#166 in Romantic suspense

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