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The Unnaturals

Olivia Gordon Reid

When Taylor O’Connor was seven years old, her entire life went upside down. First, her parents died in a fatal car crash. Then she was sent to a foster home—eight of them, to be exact—the one she’s in now would be her ninth. Then she got in trouble for an injury she didn't cause. Because wei... more info

Story about: scientists, experiments, dna enhancement

Ongoing: 18 Sep 145 pages
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Rating: 10

#187 in Thrillers & Suspense
#33 in Science fiction


I Can Feel You


Riley Olson is a member of Class-D personnel. But she is different from any of the test subjects: Riley was born blind. It doesn't stop the scientists though, and thus she is locked in the endless stairwell with SCP-087-1 that was named Virgil by the doctors. What fate awaits Riley when she meets th... more info

Story about: monster, friendship, scientists

Complete 78 pages
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Rating: 0

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