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Twist in time


Miraculous life, unexpected things... Stella is a girl lives in Los angles who wants to see outer space since her childhood. She never liked her reality and always wanted to escape from it. But one day she met a mysterious boy named Chris who is hiding nothing but many secrets. She doesn't know h... more info

Story about: romance, scifi

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Rating: 14

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Boakye D. Alpha

Do you believe in love at first sight? You know...that out-of-earth experience where two strangers see each other at a place then there's an on-the-spot emotional bond, an irresistible spark, and instantly they know they are each other's Orpheus and Eurydice, Cupid and Psyche or Ramses II and Nefert... more info

Story about: sciencefiction, scifi, romance drama

Ongoing: 27 Jul 2 pages
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Rating: 1

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