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Booknet Stories: second chance at love. Best in genre

Stories: second chance at love. Best in genre

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Book cover "My Baby's Mumma "
Being a single dad was not a simple job for Liam, although he never felt it as a burden. Liam was living his life to the fullest as a single father with his son Neil, without Stella, his son's mother. But on his son's birthday, Neil demanded a girl in their lives. The girl, who was nearly twenty-fiv...
19 pp.
Book cover "Not a fairy tale"
We all wish our love stories to be a fairy tale. A Prince charming to come and take us on a journey called love. Reva believed in fairy tale's too. But fate had something else planned for this innocent girl. At the mere age of 18 she was married off to her prince....the prince of darkness. All her m...
67 536
348 pp.
Book cover "My Heart Remembers (a Night with the Celebrity 2)"
Ellie woke up in a hospital after being in coma for almost a month. She had no memory and the only tie that binds her to her past is the child she carried. Beside her is a man said she is Miyaka, his wife. For sixteen years, she lived as Miyaka Tanaka, mother to her son Akio and a wife to Haruto. B...
8 136
103 pp.
Book cover "A Christmas to Remember"
A Christmas Miracle Story. Maggie is unhappy in her life. She feels stuck. She has job she hates and a relationship in which the fire died down a long while ago. One day, out on a walk Maggie slips and hits her head. She doesn't remember where she is and she just wants to return to her cozy home...
21 pp.
Book cover "Yours Faithfully"
Sue meets two very different men on her holiday- the dark and handsome Nico, and the unimpressive John Brown. She embarks on a holiday romance with Nico but ignores the other. What happens when she desperately needs John's help to save her failing career? Does she change her opinion when she comes t...
1 899
68 pp.
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