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Love Again

Jan Garnet

Serene and Bryan were deeply in love and there is nothing more she could ask for. She has planned her future around him, but Fate has other plans for them. Serene found Bryan pleasuring another man whom he eventually marries leaving Serene dejected and hurt. Trying to move on from this heartbreak,... more info

Story about: love triangle, steamy romance, secondchance

Complete 290 pages
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Rating: 64

#299 in Romance
#80 in Contemporary Romance


Serendipity - a fortunate happenstance

Udari Kay

A girl, a symbol of benevolence. For her, it was no secret what kind of game he was playing. But upon all she saw what nobody else cared enough to see before. She insisted on revealing what made him the person he was. How jaded his soul had become in the face of cynical insensitiveness of human n... more info

Story about: secondchance, redemption, love

Complete 247 pages
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Rating: 66

#6608 in Romance
#1052 in Contemporary Romance
#945 in Young adult

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