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Booknet Stories: secondchance. Best in genre

Stories: secondchance. Best in genre

2 books
Book cover "Serendipity - a fortunate happenstance"
A girl, a symbol of benevolence. For her, it was no secret what kind of game he was playing. But upon all she saw what nobody else cared enough to see before. She insisted on revealing what made him the person he was. How jaded his soul had become in the face of cynical insensitiveness of human n...
Story about: secondchance, redemption, love
144 961
247 pp.
Book cover "The Melting Icicle"
Aria Grace, a cheerful girl's life turns upside down when her husband decides to leave her on a Christmas day, she tries to get on with her life, but she doesn't seem to forget her one incident. What happens when one stroll on the same Christmas day changes her life for the better? Two siblings, ...
16 pp.
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