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The Pack Doctor

Constance Marounta

Max Kinsky is 18 training to succeed his father as the pack doctor. In contrast to his cousin and best friend,Patrick -the soon to be Alpha- he is no looking forward to a mate. Knowing his ageing process is slower and his life expectancy is much greater than that of normal humans he is not eager to ... more info

Story about: love, werewolf, soulmate

Ongoing: 20 Jan 153 pages
6163 189 29

Rating: 22

#24 in Fantasy
#289 in Romance
#9 in Paranormal Romance


Finding Her

Lizzy Loathes

"We all come in pairs" She says whilst running her hand through my hair."Some big, some small, some calm, some feisty. But I cant wait till you find yours Eli,"she whispers into my ears slowly backing away from the room. "NIght, bub" she smiles closing the door silently. **************************... more info

Story about: soulmate, billionaire

Ongoing: 15 Dec 11 pages
205 25 0

Rating: 3

#1551 in Romance
#157 in Young adult




Ulfur Svartur was bereaved. Unlike other wolves that found their mates at the age of 18, Ulfur remained mateless, bereaved of the joy of spending his life with someone he loved. At 28 wolf-years, an eternity to humans, he is a hopeless shell of an alpha, tired and broken. Just as he decides to e... more info

Story about: werewolf, fantasy, soulmate

Ongoing: 04 Jan 10 pages
207 23 2

Rating: 4

#268 in Fantasy
#131 in Romantic fantasy
#13 in Science fiction
#2 in Post-apocalyptic

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