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Take Me Home (i'm Here to Fix You Book 3)

Artemis Wolf

I'm Here to Fix You Book 3. It's necessary to read the first 2 in order to follow the plot.... more info

Story about: love, conflicted relationships, soulmates true love

Ongoing: 23 Nov 57 pages
1219 190 5

Rating: 21

#164 in Romance
#11 in New Adult & College


String of Fate

Hallie Schlauch

Legend says that we’re tied to our soulmate by a red string around our pinkies. When Theodosia Montgomery turned twenty-one, she woke up feeling strange, her eyes hurting, and body feeling lighter than usual. She starts to notice that every time she stares at someone’s hands, she sees a red str... more info

Story about: romance, soulmates true love, soulmates

Ongoing: 14 Nov 12 pages
355 76 7

Rating: 6

#2430 in Romance
#462 in Fantasy
#225 in Romantic fantasy

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