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Her Soulmates


Erika is twenty five years old girl. She is smart and brave, but her mother left, her dad is a cancer patient, in order to pay for his treatment she works hard. Then she meets Daniel Instantly knows there's something about him that's intriguing, but Thing's change when they touch, sparks ignit... more info

Story about: magic and powers, soulmates, lovetriangle

Ongoing: 21 Sep 20 pages
780 48 22

Rating: 53

#18 in Fantasy
#4 in Dark fantasy
#12 in Romantic fantasy


String of Fate

Hallie Schlauch

Legend says that we’re tied to our soulmate by a red string around our pinkies. When Theodosia Montgomery turned twenty-one, she woke up feeling strange, her eyes hurting, and body feeling lighter than usual. She starts to notice that every time she stares at someone’s hands, she sees a red str... more info

Story about: romance, soulmates true love, soulmates

Ongoing: 02 Aug 8 pages
280 71 7

Rating: 6

#1001 in Romance
#235 in Fantasy
#104 in Romantic fantasy

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