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Secrets untold by her


"You know what? just leave it! I haven't seen any man like you. Oh sorry! You can't be a man, you're an animal in the name of man. I so wish, that I can go in the past and change everything, that I haven't met you, shouldn't have expected that piggy-ish mail, because of you, my life is wasted, becau... more info

Story about: billionaire, indian love story, steamy romance

Ongoing: 23 Oct 67 pages
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Rating: 9

#30 in Thrillers & Suspense
#434 in Romance


One in a billion

Beryl Chemtai

Gail Harper is a workaholic on vacation in Miami where she meets the Derek Lial, a mysterious, intriguing man who seems to appear everywhere she is. When she goes back to her life in New York, will her life go back to normal? Will she be able to suppress her feelings for Derek and move on? Or will s... more info

Story about: billionare, steamy romance, past life

Ongoing: 22 Oct 28 pages
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Rating: 7

#453 in Romance
#230 in Billionaires
#100 in Contemporary Romance

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